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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to paint on the beach

How to paint on the beach Many photographers usually carry their pictures on the beach

Lots of photographers usually carry their pictures on the beach on a bed of sand and sea, you can set the scene with family vacations, weddings or intimate getaways Besides the beaches are beautiful, however, there are many mistakes made when taking pictures ... beach . read the following tips to avoid them and to learn how to create a truly unique image.
Have you noticed that all the photos on the beach look the same? Usually, as pictures of sunset, and posed with family members and the shadows on the face. So to avoid these common pitfalls when photographing at the beach.
First, look carefully around you. Look up and down. Maybe some are amazing and unique details that extend the photo. You can spend hours photographing small objects that are located on the beach, You can record on clams, crabs, small toys or beach. will certainly charming picture of your child behind the castle.
rule of thirds. fundamental mistake in shooting Beach is putting the horizon in the middle of the picture Although it looks more balanced, violate the rule because the third Hold principle - .. horizon line should be set to 1/3 pictures from the top or bottom, it is up to you . br
Make a picture frame, a frame that is not bought at the store. should find a natural landscape that limits want to record. perfect photo frame will be inclined Palm or projecting rock. Look for something that is, of course, surround your landscape
rid of unwanted props Before the pictures just look at the whole area you want to record Keep in mind that there are no objects and people you do not want to have a picture - ... cars, power lines, other sunbathers - do not want in your family photo in the background was seen in women topless -. All these things can spoil the effect to make sure that the skyline is placed horizontally
Look for the unique elements of nature .. dead. Maybe youll see some fantastic lonely and empty table, a bottle of lotion, oil, sunscreen, and maybe a surfboard based on your palm. Put this item in the foreground and background to understand beach scene.
notice the attention to the sun .. Of course sometimes you will see pictures of the family, whose faces are obscured by shadows or overexposed, to make sure that the sun is behind you - the photographer, not a person or thing that you want to capture the best images. the impact of photography in a little overcast day or early in the morning and afternoon. do not recommend shooting at noon when the sun is highest above the horizon.
Look for unique angles and perspectives. do not always apply in front of the lens or also on the beach. Look for interesting perspective. Take a picture of a child, put the camera in front of crawling crab or palm shoot from below. It gives you a unique travel photography.
Look for interesting colors. Photos beach is characterized by pale colors and mdłymi sand, sky and sea. Pay attention so strongly saturated colors. bright red umbrellas, a green palm leaves or tight pink sandals can give your image a unique character.
If you are planning a beach holiday with your family, you can do some interesting portraits. Capture feature in the foreground and background amazing scenery. person should be on one side of the picture, and the rest of the photos should occupy the sea beach. what impression of the person photographed had to jump out of the picture. Will you do a portrait of the amazing scenery. Remember, your subject should be large and should dominate the picture. In no case can be small and vague.
I also recommend taking pictures in motion, or surprise. do not have to put those photos, look for a smile and wink not. Capture the moment when children play with a bucket of sand, build a castle on the beach or playing games. This is a great way to capture precious moments and memories stop. If your friends suggest you take a picture, then jumped up and running. photos will come out much more interesting than the average figure poses.

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