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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


Look ... Serena van der Woodsen

Look ... Serena van der Woodsen article aimed at fans of the series Gossip Girl book series and the same title.

article addressed the fans Gossip Girl book series and series of the same title as Serena prototype version of the book, the book will be based look like Serena van der Woodsen can anyone who wants to follow the instructions. Of course, the basic features in common with the heroine of Gossip Girl necessary, because unfortunately, some things can not change, but we accept them.
growth. Serena van der Woodsen is high. Its height is about 57 175 cm tall. girls here have a lot of luck, and may prefer to use lower high-heeled shoes
FIG Serena is a fictional character, a highly idealized thin, almost ridiculously long, athletic legs, perfect knees ... -? -., thin waist, narrow hips and shapely buttocks, slim, perfectly hand-rest and thin fingers, not a ounce of fat
Of course, this does not mean you have trouble on diets in order to achieve this figure, because it is unrealistic. If any of you received a gift of nature, perfect body, it is fortunate if No, just eat healthy, have a lot of traffic, work at reasonable amounts. But most of all dress up in order to highlight the benefits.
Cera. Serena has a perfect complexion, clear. smooth and without irregularities. few freckles on his nose . on the cheeks often appear flushed. sunbathing on the golden brown color.
important not to damage the skin absorbs the tanning bed, because it improves the skin only in the short term. It takes a lot of skin care, especially those with problems, using appropriate cleaning gels , lotions or creams.
hair. They are probably the greatest value from Serena and one of its distinguishing features. These colors are pale gold jasnozłociste, cool shades of gray. Serena hair is very long, thick, shiny and straight. not particularly haircut, just long. are envy, it does not cut or color Serena.
taaaaakie To make your hair, you need patience because of the encroachment is a slow process. If you do not have this color, its not a problem. the hairdressers get no problems, just as would not have taken the yellow color, because it does not look natural nor aesthetic.
eyes. Serena has an amazing eye. Large, dark blue eyes. When he laughs, laugh with her, the corners are a charming, tiny wrinkles. eyes are surrounded by long, dark eyelashes.
If you have blue eyes, thats great, if not, choose from a variety of lens staining, at a low price.
eyebrows. Serena van der Woodsen is golden, perfectly adapted to his eyebrows. often rises during conversation, or when zamyśli
Council. beautician certainly advise how to adjust to get the perfect shape and facial features marked
mouth not too full .. not too thin. always smiling and if we parted, inviting a kiss. So Serena lips are described in the book. Serena is very dear lips entries, especially those with a taste of vanilla, melons and peaches.
paints her lips with fruit błyszczykami maximize your mouth and it will be perfect and delicious. And most importantly, a lot laugh!
nose. Serena is the perfect, straight nose, sprinkled with freckles. often pine.
nature will not improve so quickly. nose shape is inherited from ancestors. can improve operations, and love as he is!
teeth. Miss van der Woodsen has a simple, snow-white teeth.
If you are not perfect, you should look at the orthodontist, if only they could laugh at the full, -
makeup Serena rare images sometimes just curls lashes and painted in ink often painted lips
need .... Invisible Make-up, just highlight the strengths and weaknesses tuszujący.

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