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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to photograph fireworks

How to photograph fireworks Impress all of your incredible images of fireworks

Impress all of your amazing fireworks images Here are tips on how to take great photos without a professional camera Most digital cameras are very easy to use and successfully takes a picture colorful fireworks
On ... off the bulbs in your camera Set slowest shutter speed at which you can -. long exposure -. Most cameras have a night mode, put a check if your camera has a time Learn how to turn it on and be ready to use it ... Now you can calmly wait for the fireworks.
Set camera on a tripod and point out the place where they will be dropped, and fireworks. zoom off completely. During recording, you can do up close.
Set the timer and activate it when you hear the explosion - the best set timer for 2 sec -. Fireworks explode, usually a few seconds the sound reaches the ears, it depends on how you use them the self-timer will allow you to avoid camera shake, which you can press your finger ..
Changing time taking the photos to get the best picture of the explosion of fireworks. If your camera takes pictures with you anticipate a delay in shooting fireworks, and make a scene with a certain advance, a second or two before the actual explosion. Youll make lots of pictures to get a few really successful.
Choose from among the best picture and make treatment on the computer. If the image is too easy you can lighten it.

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