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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to tell fortunes with the ball

How divine ball Wondering how the most vile guess a lot of information that have occurred in your life Maybe she wants to be psychic and read out the crystal ball to see the eyes of the first people to read? Ball can teach each

wondering how most fairy affect many important things that have happened in your life Maybe she wants to be psychic and read out the crystal ball of the person you first see the sight? Reading can be learned from the field once it is not magic - .. its psychology, and more cold-reading technique called cold reading is the ability to convince people that he knows more about them than they actually read these instructions and read about people like an open book ..
should Be sure the words that they say has to be yes - never .. Speaking of questioning a little bit, bad words spoken whisper to you will think that you know more than you .. Start looking for a person to clean the mind and focus. Tell the person if the session will only depend on the success of it. It should work with you and not to test your psychic abilities.
use statistics. You know that most people have a scar on his left knee and had a bad This is just an example, however, Using this type of message you can safely assume that if most people problems will also be a problem is related to the person who reads the ball -. wróżysz -. reveals the secret, you can shoot at ten, because that person has a small scar May seem to be very specific and apply just for her.
example, in Poland, many of the girls name is Anne. Common names include Agnieszka and Andrzej. You can therefore be assumed that the person You must realize that most human problems are related to work, illness, money, marriage, children and death. You can make some assumptions about the person who reads the ball. For example, a woman aged about 30 years, probably thinking about children, 40-year-old man, and have a hobby or passion that makes you feel that the younger, a young mother cares about the health of your child and his school. No need to invent a special term to begin with. Make a list of general statements, phrases and questions, and some people dopowiedzieć rest. This is what people dopowie repeat it - as if your statement. The client will remember that he is not only the information you just confirmed what wyjawiłaś him.
listen. Your client probably wants to talk about their problems and concerns. Let him have it! Often, the client knows the answer to your question, but seeks only confirmation. Yes, just like everyone of us wants to talk about their situation. Some say so, and then repeat what he has given and confirm a specific solution - an answer that was expected -. Youll be surprised how many people get information about what was said earlier.
flatter his interviewer. Tell him what he wants to hear. Keep in mind that successful forecaster never tells your beloved mother is the devil, and now burn in hell! I hear their howls and piercing screams. Always good things to say: Your mother loves you and wants you to know that it is her right, and you do not worry about $. The client wants its peace and reassurance.

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