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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to pose for photos to go szczupło

How to pose for photos to go szczupło Do you know how it happens that almost all the stars come out in pictures so szczupło pozowaniu secret is in the photographs

Do you know how it happens that almost all the stars come out in pictures so szczupło pozowaniu secret is in the photographs - and, of course, the fact that before it was scheduled to speak at least a week to starve -. Here are a few secrets will help you in the picture as if youre aiming for at least 5 pounds less. Before that, I suggest, however, close the door and do a little in front of the mirror itself.
Turn slightly sideways to the camera, place one foot in front and move weight to the rear legs, feet should be directed to the person shooting you can also try
ballerina position Stand erect cross your legs a bit, so that someone else has against the other - both of his legs .... wysmukli and hips -, rotate your torso about 45 degrees from the camera, and then turn your head and shoulders toward the camera
Pull your head slightly forward and down to reduce the probability of a double chin

.. Keep your arms slightly away from the body. If it is then pressed together at the end of them tłuszczyk , the hand will look at expanding and can be detected cellulitis.
blade download Male chest and gently pull the belly. Do not pick it up too, not to come out on top.
picture should be in advance, and not from below. People in pictures from the bottom seems to be 5-10 kg fatter than they really are.
cover the body part that does not feel good if you want to hide your belly you can hold something in their hands - .. purse, flowers, magazine, etc.
stand erect if you look shapeless slouch bag. In addition, take into account the fact that there will be greater that the thinner you think. shoes with high heels and make miracles.
Keep in mind that the body part that is closest to the camera will look more than others Try a classic trick Marilyn Monroe .. bend down to the photographer and gently cross your hands to emphasize the bust, and not other body parts if your belly or back closest to the camera will look a lot bigger than it actually is to try to discover .. to the fore in this body part that you feel good that no one noticed what you want, and hide
If you choose clothes for pictures to take into account that blacks can further wyszczupli such as vertical stripes - horizontal stripes really thicken -.

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