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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to make a recording studio at home

How to make a recording studio at home every amateur

an amateur -. Musician dreams of his own recording studio Not surprisingly, his own recording studio, giving a sense of fulfillment and development as this is the asylum, where you can create and record music instead of paying cash rent studio .. this place can make your own musical outlet little financial cost just enthusiasm and a genuine desire and of course the conditions without which the studio will not fulfill its function
spaces - .. a place where you could get into the studio -.
no space to do a study is sometimes the biggest obstacle to fulfill music requests. no restaurants, no schools. But, after all, just a room in an apartment or house. However, a better experience provides free basement or empty, unused space that could arise if the choice studio places we do not have a problem, then we can start arranging such facilities
So what should be in the room reserved for the apartment: .. Home - a large, cozy table for musical equipment - can also be a solid table or bench fold - provide comfort for the operator and equipment, the Home space Seating, Home - Access to a power source to the contact point -.
acoustics in the room
. br To ensure maximum sound quality, the room should be soundproof studio, and it in terms of sound walls. In this sense, a special acoustic foam, which for some can be expensive, unfortunately. But still, they are just another variation on the cover of eggs that can be applied to the wall, which may mute. room acoustics is very important because when you record music, or at least neutralize the unwanted echo effect is limited. If there is enough space in your room, you can also try to make a sound, or at least a makeshift studio cabin, in which the vocal recording. cabin studio completely insulates the rest of the environment, which gives tangible results Performance.
musical equipment.
Before you assemble the sound system, try to see the computer. computer or laptop must have a good condition, and a fast processor, good sound card / sound, lots of GB of disk space, etc. Better performance computers to create greater opportunities to serve the music we create music, popular music programs such as:. SOUND FORGE, Cool Edit Pro, Acid, Fruity Loops, Ableton. Each serves a different purpose, and each has different options. So we will all be examined able to see which best fits our requirements. In addition, you will need a microphone. Studio Recordings recommend it pulls the microphone noise, and is specially designed for such recordings. Usually pojemnościówki are very expensive, but you can make such a device at a reasonable amount of buying them at auction, such as Allegra. recommend a brand or MXL 990 different models of these companies, not only because they are cheap, but it can also be used in amateur and professional footage when it comes to microphones, PA, was warned in advance they are ineffective for the microphone, you must have a tripod - the mic stand .. -. can be purchased at any music store or make your own way, I recommend a professional tripod from the store, one whose price ranges from 50 to 100 zł, depending on whether the behavior is so full popkiller - .. acoustic protection for the microphone - Sock -. Popkiller mutes the sound from the outside, but do not cause noise is necessary for vocal recordings, as the recorded voice on the road will be much more natural and pure
useful for listen to good speakers, not necessarily to be called ... the column. Depending on what kind of music we create, we can get all kinds of musical instruments, for example, DJ equipment, keyboards, electric guitar, drums and everything that will help us with music .
Finally, I would encourage all to create something that is seemingly impossible. If you decide to come to work, remember that not too easy to become discouraged, because as the saying goes, just do not come.

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