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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to clean brushes

How to clean the brushes to clean the brushes after a hard day of work generally very easy

Cleaning brushes after a hard day of work generally very simple in any case, the measures that need to be cleaned are highly toxic and dangerous, so be very careful
. Br u cleaning brush with latex paint. / u
Disposal of latex paint with a brush is a relatively simple task. Latex is water-based paints that easily wash off with brooms and brushes. even if it dries on them you will need a clean container and / or sink, hot - but not too hot or too cold - water, soft towel and mild detergent to clean brushes covered with latex paint
u. Removal of fresh latex paint with a brush. / u Remove the water
a little warmer than room temperature. If it is too hot, it can hardly affect the glue that holds the fibers in place, but if you draw will be too cold, you will be hard to remove paint from the brush. Fill a bucket or sink with water and Add a few drops of detergent your brushes. One by one, dip the brush in water color and erased with the fingers. Depending on the amount of paint on the brush that is, once you start, you need to regularly change the water with detergent. should be able to clear two or three brushes before changing the water. at all costs, avoid dipping wooden uchwytóww water to avoid warping or cracking the surface. rinse the brush under the tap and shake them. Lay brushes flat on a towel, fold it and gently push the pile in order to squeeze out excess water from the hair. Then place the brush in a dry place and allowed to dry completely.
u Removing old latex paint with a brush. / u
Disposal of old, dried paint on the brush is the same basic principles as in the case of fresh paint, but they come to change. Youll need to use water that is slightly above room temperature and fill her bucket at a height of 7-10 cm in height with a large brush or a glass to a height not larger than 2.5 cm for a small brush. Add to cleaner water, and place it brushes your hair down, that they are resting on the walls of the vessel at an angle. and let steep for one hour, and then proceed to execute the remaining
that, as in the case of fresh latex paint.
u Removing oil paint with a brush. / u
Oil paint is very difficult to remove because of the nature of chemicals needed to clean oil paint from brushes. First, to clean the brushes with this type of paint should be well ventilated place. You should also stock up on rubber gloves. In addition, you will need a clean jar, thinner, and optionally a mask over the nose and mouth, especially if you are sensitive to strong fumes.
seafront Remove the old and fresh oil paint with a brush. / u
When working with oil paints, make sure to wash your brushes when they are still wet. Do not let them dry. Creating rubber gloves and a mask on his mouth, if you choose to such use. Pour enough thinner into a clean container as needed to cover the surface of the hair. Place the brush into the pan and leave it in there for the night. the next morning, again, wear gloves and a mask. At this point, the color should be dissolved at the bottom. It carefully and gently pour the thinner usable back to its original container or other container with a lid, if you prefer. Never pour paint thinner in the mud or water, because it will lead to groundwater contamination. There are special points to buy this type of hazardous waste disposal with this type of material.
u What to do with the old and the solvent used. / u In the previous
u have presented a way to recycle dilution. Other options include a neighbor offered him the use of or allowing yourself to use the next painting project. Unfortunately, there is really no good way to recycle diluent at home. This is an extremely caustic chemical agent and is actually an extremely hazardous waste. That is why most take it to a special collection of these wastes.

seafront oil paints are harmful. / u
no mistake, they have their advantages, but the disadvantages far outweigh the good value. Today you can get a waterproof latex paints and varnishes, in principle, any home store improve. oil paints contain hazardous chemicals of any kind, such as white spirit, toluene, xylene and other petroleum distillates. petroleum distillates derived from petroleum and are classified as volatile organic compounds. not be recycled, are not friendly to the earth, and are generally not are good. So, if you can, avoid oil paints, and then switch to something that can not be slowly poisoning our planet

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