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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to use a polarizing filter

How to use a polarizing filter when shooting landscapes, the main goal is to capture the beautiful colors of nature, which improve the general appearance of the scene

When shooting landscapes, the main goal is to capture the beautiful colors of nature, which improve the overall look of the scene Landscapes we offer a wide range of colors and natural light sources often are unfortunately lost, so that is one way to adjust the camera .. use of filters in this case, it May be a polarizing filter, which is ideal for landscapes, waterfalls and natural landscape
u The polarizing filter / u - ... If you have technical knowledge, you can skip this section -.
glass polarizing filters designed to block certain light rays before they reach the camera sensor polarized light is one that is reflected from metal surfaces, such as. water, glass and sky. Polarization is a property of certain types of light waves, which describes the direction of vibration. light shows polarization due to the fact that the direction of the vibration direction of transmission are two different things.
light particles move at random and scatter light, which causes unwanted reflections, glare, color, etc. polarizing filter consists of two lenses, which rotates forward, to achieve desired effects such as color saturation, contrast and sky clouds and reduce reflections odblaskówi.
u polarizing filter is essential for landscape photography / u, because it is difficult to obtain. desired effect using only image-editing filter is especially necessary to emphasize the contrast between the seafront clouds and blue sky / u u There are two types of polarizing filters: linear and circular .. / u The SLR is recommended However, using a circular filter, which consists of two circular glass glass elements, where the rear part of the filter element pointed toward the front of the lens, while the front is free to rotate 0-90 degrees and make adjustments. rotation through 90 degrees to repeat the same effect and the angles between 0 and 90 degrees.
u When using a polarizing filter. / u
polarizing filter effect is best suited for landscapes and scenes that require additional saturation, contrast and glare control. filter is essential when shooting outdoors.
u How to use polarizing filters / u
polarizing filter is most effective when his plane was parallel to the direction of light. When used with other filters tend to vignetting, so try to reduce combined with other filters. However, if the need arises, be sure to use the RAW format, so you can easily remove the side effects during treatment
seafront Tips on using polarizing filters. / u

of effects that can be obtained using a polarizing filter depends on the direction of light and color of the sky.
sunny day, set sideways to the sun, and then select the object at right angles to the arm. When the the sun high in the sky, the maximum polarization occurs along the horizon, but when the sun is below the maximum polarization occurs in all areas of both front and rear.
overcast day, the polarizing filter will have minimal or no effect, and not use it if your goal is that a photo of the rainbow.
Connect with other polarizing filter is causing vignetting.
polarizing filter can provide an intensity of effect.
Avoid using a polarizing filter when photographing the sky with wide-angle lens, because it can cause a lot of distractions.
/ ul
u Do not use a polarizing filter. / u
polarizing filter is ideal for outdoor use, so you should avoid using it in public, because it tends to equalize the exposure , which is undesirable when shooting in low light or at night. In addition, it tends to saturate the contrast of colors that are not suitable for shooting portraits.
When panning 360 Effect of using a polarizer is a mismatch of angles, which will become apparent in the final result.
u use of polarizing filters. / u
beauty and essence of a polarizing filter is located in the proper use. To achieve the desired effect, rotating the polarizers must be a filter. Using the filter is not as simple as wiring, requires practice. However, the picture to bring good effects to reach by other means, which are more available in different sizes.

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