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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to focus on SLR?

How to focus on the Focus SLR photography is one of the most important things

focus on photography is one of the most important thing is the perception that is influenced by many factors, which may lead to some confusion Basically, the focus will depend on: Hardware .., profiles, techniques, post production and processing instructions how to get sharp images: ..
u quality lenses / u
quality lenses can be the most important factor that determines the sharpness. Although in the current period, almost all SLR lenses have excellent optical performance. However, these elements are produced by little-known brands May not be as great as the risk of blurring the outline color of the other side.
Filters seafront. / u
worth investing in high-quality filters. Cheap filters can be as harmful as a cheap camera or lens.
u lens cleaning. / u
make sure that you always have with you a set of filters to clean the lens in the urine used whenever necessary.
u Aperture. / u
make a few experiments at the beginning of the hole to see the different settings. Generally, however, a small aperture opening contributes to chromatic aberration, which causes a decrease in sharpness.
u correct focus. / u
independent lenses, if the focus is not set properly image will be blurred. Use auto-focus, especially when your subject is moving.
u ISO. / u
Shooting at high ISO can cause noise, which unfortunately can not be fixed later.
u camera movement. / u
Even with perfect focus, moving the camera will blur. image stabilization.
Use a tripod as often as possible is beneficial, especially when images require a longer exposure time is the most efficient equipment in order to eliminate blurring
.. If you do not have a tripod for shooting to put the camera on a hard surface and use a timer or a remote trigger.
/ ul
u shutter speed. / u
high shutter speed freezes all movement, where even the camera movements are not so harmful.
u capture focus. / u Record
focus is the time from start of exposure data collection for the sensor and saved in memory at this stage the image is captured in three colors ... red, green and blue shooting in RAW format allows you to avoid interpolation of time until they can be opened using the RAW facilitates control of sharpness. But if the images are in JPG format, this process takes place in the camera, so if the focus is low, lost data can not be returned.
u processing. / U
Do not lose hope, if all other steps have failed, and your image is still blurry. All final images require processing, thereby to adjust the focus.

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