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How to photograph the storm

How to photograph lightning storm pictures are incredible

Storm and lightning photos are amazing if we can catch the flash lit up the sky, then surely it would look great storm photo, however, requires patience if lightning crackle all the time it would not be so difficult .. However, if the lightning in the sky every few seconds to capture the entire process can take
seafront Tips. / u
Capture every storm set to ISO 200 and f/1.8 aperture
Try experimenting with the flash trigger.
advantage of digital cameras is that immediately after you take a picture, see the result, so try different times of exposure by changing the settings. disadvantage is that the camera is less forgiving than the X-ray film .
Although lightning is bright and provides plenty of light, allowing you to get a better picture to get more light. Why Use a lower setting at night to avoid the F approximations, because they can give disappointing results.
both evening and night Storm is the best tripod and remote shutter release. If you do not have a tripod, replace it with other available object, such as tables or. car roof edition provides an image without moving, if not, use a timer
/ ul
in Lock the focus on infinity. / u

None of us wants to spend time focusing on the camera to catch every time, so focus on infinity.
u compact digital camera / u
All compact cameras have the ability to infinity, so that it is easy, just find the menu
u SLR / u
SLRs night getting infinity and OS -. AF - is more complicated. night to find the option to use infinity AF and try to focus on just where the light source, and then move the lens to manual option. In most cases of AF are not signs of infinity, or reverse the number 8, or infinity really is not all action requires a method of sampling error
/ ul
u shooting lightning at night .. / u
Set the camera on a tripod, shutter
Connect Set Focus on Forever
Set the shutter speed to bulb option in which the shutter stays open as long as you keep it. If you do not have that option, set the shutter speed for the longest possible.
Set the aperture between f/2.8 af/5.6. Experiment with different options, but does not exceed f / 8, unless you want to get some lightning in a single image.
Place box at the place where the most lightning occurs, or where the clouds are the best.
lightning Observe carefully before you take the picture, you notice some relationships in the atmospheric phenomenon. If the storm approach, set the shutter speed to a maximum of 15 seconds to avoid blurring of clouds that can move quickly. When the distances and lightning are less common view setting for longer exposures, up to 2 minutes.
/ ul
seafront lightning quick tips: / u
Press the button on the cable or the remote control to open shutter
Wait for lightning , or a few lightning
let go of the button to close the shutter
/ ul seafront
slower lightning Tips: / u
scarf made as above, or:.
Wait for lightning
only see the thunder, run to open the shutter
Release the trigger after a few seconds
/ ul
u Photographing lightning .. late afternoon or early morning: / u
Set the camera on a tripod
Connect Set focus to infinity
If you want to control the legal time of exposure to this light bulb and rsquo;.
Set the aperture on over night, at your discretion f/5.6 to f/16, which resulted in a longer exposure time, and thus able to capture lightning
Place the frame in place, in which. rhyme appears in the most lightning, or in which the clouds are the best.
Wait for the lightning until you open the lid and run, or run it before you see it and hope to see her soon.
Set rate automatically, otherwise the trigger, the estimated time of exposure
/ ul
in Lightning record for the day. / u
Unfortunately, in this case is not too much advice, just need to react quickly and point the camera in the right direction. Before you try to capture lightning poobserwuj movement. If youre too fast, do not expect good results.
Use the normal set of landscape features, or set exposure and aperture as desired.
set focus to infinity.
wait for the lightning, if you react fast enough, it is likely to be realized.
/ ul
u second option. / u
There is another technique that can be used when shooting BÅ‚yskawica If your camera has the ability to quickly record, you can always make this series and hope that lightning. It requires a lot of deleted photos later, but it can pay off.

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