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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to record a baptism

How to record the baptism While it is not difficult these days hiring a professional photographer who performed the baptism in the picture, you can try this image on your own

Although not difficult in these days of hiring a photographer who will do professional photography for baptism, you can try these photos on your own After all photographs will be a great souvenir of this special day ..
u hiring Photographer. / u
Hire a professional photographer to do with baptism is very similar to hiring a photographer for all occasions. Ask family and friends if they have advice on understanding their photographs; in. Make a list of potential photographers, and then arrange to meet with everyone to see samples and discuss prices make sure you are included in each print from the photographer .. Ask any photographer with experience shooting in baptism.
u record on his own. / u
If you have a smaller budget or you gave photographers a role in baptism Use the following guidelines: ..
u inspired / u
Check out professional photographer to look at them, something that you can trigger if you are able to reach all, try to copy some of the ideas, posting them to forget.
u Shoot scenes / u.
Although most of the photos should appear on the guest of honor, be sure to catch the scenery such as churches, candles, etc.
u use natural lighting / u.
If possible, use the most natural light. Of course, you can also take pictures with artificial lighting, giving many options.
u image recording start / u.
most important moments, which are to extend the church ceremony, but you can ask the family to be about 20 minutes early to get a few pictures from this group, and individual etc.
u approximation does not turn into a ceremony / u.
Although your job is to make a recording of the ceremony, does not interfere with the tea. Try to be invisible, and remember that the focus should be on the child and his family. Most official pictures done before the ceremony in the church, then try for more spontaneous.
/ ul
u Features: .. / u
Sometimes the simplest picture seems to best take as many pictures as you can, so that parents have more options to choose from
u Tips: / u
Try to catch the moment when the priest pours holy water baby forehead
Make your child a few shots in. close, she sleeps and when she wakes up.
ask for permission to take a picture when my mother feeding her child. scarf made several recordings during the blessing.
try to shoot from different angles and at different speeds, if your camera allows.
Record baptismal candle.
Take a picture of a family of priests.
Take a picture of the whole family and a group of children rodzicówz.
hands approximation Capture , the childs feet or clothing.
Shoot of the guests present.
/ ul

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