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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to photograph wild animals

How to photograph wild animals pictures of animals is one of the most exciting things for a photographer, and probably one of the most difficult areas of photography

Taking pictures of animals is one of the most exciting things for a photographer, and probably one of the most difficult areas of photography photographer, must deal with landscapes, for example, requires talent, skill and luck with the light, fog or clouds. In same time, the people who make pictures of animals, not just need a little luck, but in fact all of their weight! And of course, these artists have to be patient, because the shooting of animals is more difficult than shooting children.
u There are three subspecies of animals photos: / u
first shooting at the zoo
2 Taking pictures outdoors - in nature, in the woods, etc. - 3
photographing pets - the backyard or in the studio - ..
u shooting at the zoo / u
not listen to those who say it is not worth photographing animals in the zoo, and that is the real photographer discovers wildlife, bogs and forests.
First, a lot of great advertising and international photographic exhibitions have been made by various known artystóww zoos.
Second, to paint in zoos is not necessarily easier than on land or in the woods. And at certain moments, it is still complicated. In addition, not all of which are the images of the field, really walk through the swamps and mosquitoes to contend with in the jungle. jeep ride in a nature reserve with an experienced guide, with a good camera and excellent lens is not always difficult.
However, for picture at the zoo, which is not worse. than it did on the field should take into account several aspects
u to take good pictures at the zoo are: / u Have
first fully charged camera lens
2 3 spare batteries - this is not mandatory, but recommended - 4
little spare memory card with a large amount of memory protection filter
polarization filter will need spare memory card, so it does not restrict the creation of a series of photographs. And its even better to have a digital photo album, so they can quickly upload images.
should always use sunscreen, because some zierzęta with Piore lot tails might start to lick and bite even the camera. Also, if you record over the network at the zoo, put the lens close to the net, so as not to disturb the camera image. Unfortunately, the protective filters are very delicate.
polarizing filter will not be attacked by animals. used when shooting through a window to get rid of reflections and streaks. there is another trick. You can go to the zoo with his assistant, and ask him to make a dark cloth, such as jackets for you . In this case, place polarizing filter on the lens. This will help you get rid of the glare.
u How to make successful pictures at the zoo / u
There are some rules to follow:
u Select the appropriate point of view and perspective / u
. Select point of view and perspectives, so that the box can not be considered Nets, cages and people in the back or anywhere else. Nothing should reveal that you did in the picture zoo.
u Select the object. / u
in one aviary If there are different kinds of animals and birds, whether these animals live in freedom. If not, try to avoid them in one shot . Sometimes a picture is taken, but in most cases, follow the above rules.
u avoid commonly used angles and motives. / u

Here the principle is the same as for the recording of monuments in city: the more popular is the object of your files, you will have a more original style pelican photo, even if it is shot well, boring Look at how animals interact in s. each other. not blow this opportunity, subject and perspective.
shoot wild animals, when the mating season.ll certainly get a lot of great pictures.
Choose a pet that you do pictures, and shoot only animals.
not try to enter the photos at once. not walk around the zoo at the same time. Think in advance what you intend to photograph. will determine when to go to the zoo. BR Note the rhythm of life, because, for example, hyenas wake up during the day is almost impossible. Also, think about light. Where lives the object of your photos? When you have a chance catch the best light?
photographs may not be less than 1.5 or 2 hours of recording. Be patient and wait until you find a great moment.
Specifications seafront. / u
u Do not use low ISO / u
hype Do not be afraid not to set the ISO to a lower value. First, the noise is not as tragic as some of us might think. If you want to upload pictures to the internet, it can deal with it all while you edit them. if you intend to print the photo in large format, there are different rules.
kind of noise that we see on the screen when enlarged to 100 percent will be visible on the wall in the gallery, even if the picture is great. And it will be difficult to find many maniacs who visit the exhibition with their prey. Second, some noise is better than a blur. Third, sometimes a little noise can cause the picture is very colorful and full of life. This is especially true of black and white.
Photo Shoot. / u Use manual settings. / u

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