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How to light candles in the picture

How to take pictures in the light of candles Have you ever tried to take pictures with a digital camera with candles results can be stunning with the warm glow, sparkling fire reflected from surfaces of objects

you ever tried to shoot digital camera with candles results can be stunning with the warm glow, sparkling flames reflected from surfaces of objects - you can feel the romance - but shooting at a dimly lit environment can cause some difficulties. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect portrait in the light of candles.
u turn off the flash. / U Lets start
. Obviously, all we were doing pictures with flash in low light and we were disappointed by the way, it completely destroys all the climatic scene with candles If you want to get a warm glow of candles, it is necessary to completely turn off the flash This is, of course, exceptions - .. see section 15 below.
u Use a tripod / u
Once again, lets start with the obvious -. shooting by candlelight means doing shots with a very small amount of light, which means that in principle, certainly will make a picture with slower shutter speeds, which increases the ability to shake the image. Make sure the camera is so well protected as soon as possible and photography, consider using a tripod and use the remote release to avoid vibrations caused by pressing the trigger.
seafront more candles. / U
biggest challenge when shooting in the absence of light a candle, with which it must deal with. use more candles, of course, give more light, which in turn will give you a little more flexibility when it comes to shutter speed and aperture, ISO settings.
Pitch seafront candles. / U
Using a candle or positioning multiple candles close together in one position, will cause a sharper shadows on the faces of his subjects. This may be the inclusion of what you mean, but in most cases you will want a more even spread of light on their faces. can only be achieved by spreading the light of candles.
u Natural rockets / u
capture images of candles you can see that when you shoot someone who sits in the glow of candles and a table covered with white cloth, the picture is better than if no tablecloth on the table. Course tablecloth reflects the light back on the face of the person photographed Also, May they also have white walls and ceiling -. can all help when shooting in situations where the light is so weak - ..
u fast lens / u
If you shoot digital SLR cameras and lenses have a lot to choose from, you choose the quickest, because it will allow you to use a larger aperture, and will pull in more light For this type of shots we recommend 50mm -. f/1.8 or f/1.4 - ... The best time to take shots at the fastest possible openings that are only to allow faster shutter speeds and lower ISO Remember that the larger the aperture, the less depth of field
u and aperture zooms. / U
Keep in mind that when shooting at longer lens, maximum aperture varies in relation to the focus-lock, that is, for example, shooting at the widest setting and many zoomach, a larger aperture than when they move closer to the object. As a result, it May be a better approach to the subject of wider angle focal range than using the zoom.
u context and background. / U
composition is best to keep this type of image as the most readable and easy as possible. Generally it is better to be shot on a white background and with a minimal set of props. be that it might make sense to include a glass of wine picture, if you shoot someone on the table - but you have less of scatterers in the scene better
seafront shutter speed / u
Obvious way to extract more light is to choose a slower shutter speed Keep in mind that reducing the shutter speed can increase your chances for a better extraction of each movement -. and the subject, a candle flame, or move the camera -. If the environment fully resolved - so that the flame does not flicker - and the object size is still possible, you can set the shutter speed as slow as 1/15 on the other - but if it is even slower, May you find that too much demand from the subject and image will be blurred.
seafront ISO settings. / U
Another way to compensate for low light is to increase the ISO setting on your camera. Of course, a compromise in this case, if we can get more grainy images - noise -. Try to keep the ISO below 400, if you can, and should get a relatively clear shot next higher setting, and you start to notice noise in images -. especially if you enlarge the image for a larger Rozmiar,. century
u exposure / u
If candles are in the scene, the camera usually niedoświetli shots, because he thinks he is a very bright place, you can try. overexposure to stop what the camera recommended. Do not overdo it with too much exposure, because youll end up with candles burning resulted directly from your photo.
u balance / u
Experiment with white balance when shooting the Candles emit a warm light - something youll want to join the images, creates a good atmosphere, however, want the camera May To get rid of this heat, if the white balance mode is set to. automatically. Try different settings to get the right level of heat. You can make images in RAW format, and thus will have much more flexibility in setting the white balance during processing.
U . Composition candles / u
There are two main ways to deal with the deposit composition candles - you can leave them in a frame or remain outside Both alternatives can create a beautiful image, so experiment with both ..
candles when you leave the scene, remember that they affect the camera settings - see exposure above -. They will create a scene of interest that is likely to pay attention to those viewers photos - .. compete with the main theme
result is best to set the position of the object in a visible place and consider putting candles in a manner that will not be very distracting if candles are in the frame, it is different,. wnież make sure they look good small details are important in portraits and ugly candles looks can be very confusing
seafront Other sources of light / u ..
Sometimes candles just are not able to produce enough light. If this is the problem, and this technique is still not enough to make the light, you should add some more from another source. For example, using a lamp or other dim light for best results, try adding more light in a warm glow with red or orange material is superior to us -. Be careful of hot -.
seafront Using flash flash colored gel. / U
Item No one talks about disabling flash that will help you in the warm glow of candles, and not just get a bright flash of X-ray image. one exception, when people use the flash for this type of image is applied to it some color and warm - red or orange -. gel flash effect flash weakens and gives a warm light also can reduce the flash power manually, if youre at it. under control. Experiment with different colored gels to get the perfect shade.

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