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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to do group shots

How to do group shots One of the most common types of digital photography is a group of pictures

One of the most common types of digital photography is a group picture These photographs are held everywhere: at weddings, camps, parties, meetings, sports events, schools, etc. Unfortunately, not all people have the knowledge about how to make these images .
u preparation. / u
Theres nothing worse than a lack of preparation for taking pictures. You have to remember that people do not like to wait a long time in one position, so I think the most important aspects of preparation: a.
select a location earlier images
Think ahead about how to place people, and what will be contained within the
before all who want to record, with a planned shot.
Check Did you turn on the camera and charged battery.
/ ul
u Location. / u
where you stand in the group is very important in taking photos for several reasons. can determine the context for photographs, and environment can tear your eyes away from the group. Select a place with enough light and a group of people that will fit. Avoid pictures in front of the window, which can reflect light and spoil the picture.
u more than one photo. / u
One of the best ways to avoid problems is to make a series of images in small spaces. often find that the first image should not be a success, and the other plays, but more relaxed person. Also, you can record before it all together, because the organization of the group looks ridiculous. try something to change the formula so that the image zoom in and out.
approximation u. / u Try
so close to the group as possible, but Be careful not to cut one of the facilities. closer you are, the more you are able to capture more detail on their faces. If the group is small, try to capture the same face and shoulders. One way to approach a small group is to put your face in a line. If you want to spice up the picture you can set some people on the front and another behind.
u. / u
In most cases, a group set up to photograph quite naturally. People better come back, lower front. There several other aspects to keep in mind when taking pictures:
If ceremony is focused on one or two people - for example, a wedding or birthday - placing them at a central point, which is the middle group
You can change it. photo effect, directing the group looked into the camera, or a birthday or bride and groom.
formal group shots to set up more than one person, not only back, but also on the side.
Try not to create too deep a group or keep it as the shortest distance between people in the front and rear. However, if the group is deep, use a greater depth of field.
Tell everyone to gently lifted his chin, and will thank you when they see the pictures without a double chin.
/ ul
u time for the shot. / u
choose the moment to take pictures with caution. Try to fit the atmosphere of the event. can start early in the adoption, when they all look the best and no one is under the influence of alcohol .
u lighting. / u
In order to obtain sufficient detail You will need good lighting. All of course depends on the situation, but if the group is small we use flash, especially when other light source is behind the group. On a sunny day Do not put objects in front of natural light, as a result of the half-closed eyes.
u control. / u Control
group is very important. Unfortunately, its easy to lose, by being too slow or lack of communication with stakeholders. Please keep in touch with the group, talk to them about their plans, to motivate you to smile, but also to maintain the spirit of saying that they look great.
It is also important to give a reason for that pozującym those photos to photography, such as Member Young asked me to take several group photos or sporting events - Lets make a few pictures to commemorate our victory. When you specify a reason for shooting people would be much more willing to take a few minutes poses.
If you want to capture the images of all the pictures just ask that everyone was standing, so that the camera saw. If you see a camera, the camera will see.
If a party other than you, a few other photographers, waiting their turn, and then from the group, otherwise the result will be people who are looking at different; żnych directions
remember not to overdo control pozującymi people, because the image can be appear nervous faces
seafront Many groups of housewives. / U
larger group of people can be very difficult to understand because it is difficult to control the visual experience in a short time. But try to find it. In such situations, you should look for another platform or platform, which will be much easier to understand the whole. This allows the box can store up to more people and still be close to the group.
u tripod. / U
There are many reasons why a tripod when shooting can be useful. First, stand talking to people that you are a professional, so you can get your interest. Second, it gives you more freedom in setting up the group. Set the camera is relatively early, and then wait for the right moment and shoot.
u Assistant. / U
If you are painting in a large group, the server can be very useful in the organization. It will also help you catch the same time, other models have. That way you can be sure that no one is overlooked.
u Smile. / U
Always remember to smile. There is nothing worse than a moody photographer. Have fun and enjoy the new recordings, so that the group represents the same feel and react the same.

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