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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to capture water droplets

How to photograph water droplets People usually do not realize how many interesting objects in the photograph may be in the homes and most importantly do not have to look far

People usually do not realize how many interesting objects in the photograph may be in the homes and most importantly do not have to look far may belong to the most drops of water thanks to its fantastic range of colors and reflections .. The light breaks can occur and summary interesting shots. Of course, it requires preparation and patience, but the result can be absolutely fascinating.
seafront Plan your fall. / u First select
vessel, which will let in water droplets. best results provide containers in bright color tones. If not, use a cup and put the colored paper with him. before filling the container with water, clean it thoroughly of all dust, dirt and hair.
you can control the appearance of drops of spray enough water in the tank. small its volume will cause a decline that comes in the shape of the crown, while the larger amount you will contribute more columnar appearance. For better results, select the background color more even pattern. Ultimately, this may blur, but it creates interesting reflections and refractions. You can use all at their own discretion, from photography, through the paper and other objects, like flowers.
u your camera. / u
tripod is essential when shooting water drops, as it provides focus and capture Picture drops in the frame. Set the camera so that the drop was trapped in the center of the frame to get high reflectance in the background. Do not give more weight to the composition, it is essential that the fall was in the picture frame, you can always cut from the rest. Set the camera to manual mode, while the focus point where the drop touches the surface. top of dip your toe in the water, so that the camera was where to focus. Choose fast shutter speed, preferably about 1/200 seconds, while the opening of F4-F5 to get sufficient depth of field. Finally dim lighting in the room and turn on the flashlight.
u most important time. / u
difficult when shooting water drops during the introduction. Use the dropper, squeezing them with the same height, for which there is a tap and try to catch the instant meeting with the water. View your photos and remove programs that moment was the most appropriate. Remember that you need to do a lot of pictures. Most of them should be removed, so anything you choose.
u Try different fluids and containers. / u
Besides water, there are many fluids that can create fascinating shapes, and remember that you should always experiment. You can use cola, milk, colors that are added to food, or just a different mix liquids together. Try to use other dishes, such as buckets, ashtrays, or simply use plain dish of ice. If you do not want to shoot one down, you can create more of their number or a small stream of water. know, also, that instead of liquid can also use small objects. critical to work with your imagination, and the same opportunities to come.

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