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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to make a sharp image

How to Get a sharp image with perfect image sharpness is something that most photographers want, but the images are clean, clear and sharp it can be difficult to achieve

images with perfect sharpness is something that most photographers want, but the images are clean, clear and sharp it can be difficult to achieve
u Before getting to know how. Sharp pictures, find out what are the reasons for his absence : / u
Poor Focus is the most obvious reason for a less clear picture of this can lead to focusing on the wrong part of the image. too little distance to the object photographed, low depth of field, or shooting in a hurry, without checking the sharpness of focus.
movement is another object of the main causes of blur. Generally, this involves a very slow shutter speed.
Shaking apparatus, as above, but in this case, the photographer create movement during shooting, which is often referred to shutter speed and the stable position of the camera.
noise, taking photographs, for which patients have visible pixels and a large number of small dots -. Try to be closer to the TV and get a similar effect -.
/ ul
in the list of 11 basic items, which again should be used to obtain sharp images: / u
u Hold the camera correctly / u
cause blur in most pictures is the best solution to move the camera .. this problem is to use a tripod. But if it still does, it may be impractical, so remember to always hold the camera with both hands close together, leaning on a wall, tree or other object.
u Tripods. / u
ideal for photographing clean without moving. Sometimes, however, may be impractical, especially if you plan long sessions.
u shutter speed. / u
Perhaps one of the most important things to think about in this regard is to set the shutter speed. Of course, the faster the shutter speed, the smaller the impact of vibration on the photos so they are clear as a result, for some, less likely to attack the two main kind of a blur: .. object movement and camera movement
no rule that says that the time the shutter speed shall not exceed the focal length of lens. So, if your lens has a length of 50mm, do not set the shutter speed slower than 1/16 seconds, but if you have a 100mm lens set to trigger at least 1/125 second. With 200mm recommend to set the trigger at least 1/250 second. Remember that the faster the shutter speed, aperture, must be further adjusted, which means less depth of field, and thus higher challenge for the field.
Aperture u. / u
aperture affects depth of field, which is an area that is sharpened. Reducing the hole, which is a number eg f/20, increasing the depth field zone, which means that both front and rear buildings will be sharp. doing the opposite, that is, that the aperture to f / 4, you get in the foreground and the background is less sharp, so you can concentrate on the selected object to mark it.
. / u
The third element of the exposure triangle is ISO, which has a direct impact on the level of noise in images. When you set a higher ISO will be able to use higher shutter speeds and smaller aperture values, but introduce more noise images. Depending on the camera and how much you want to zoom in on images, you can probably get by using the ISO to 400 or in some cases even 800th
u Image Stabilization - IS -. / u Lots of cameras, as well as various forms of image stabilization obiektywówz is now released on the market that do not eliminate movements of the camera, but would reduce the impact of vibration. Keep in mind that this option is useful in moving the camera, not the object, because allows you to use a longer shutter speed, which is not good for moving objects
u Focus -. focus -. / u
Perhaps the most obvious technique when taking sharp pictures is to focus most of us use the car. Focus, however, should not be assumed that the camera is better for us. always checked visually as part of the image is set to focus before you take a picture, and if it is not in the correct points, try again, or set a manual option. This is important when taking photographs with a hole Set wide apart, small depth of field.
seafront quality lenses. / u
camera mirror is always better to invest a little more money in good quality lenses, as they have May major impact on image sharpness.
u eye examination. / u
Most people do not realize is that the defect of vision can significantly worsen the effects of taking pictures. Therefore, if you see a problem with the sharpness of your images, complete eye examination and if deficiencies start to wear glasses.
u clean equipment. / u
cleaning the camera lens can be easily compared to the cleaning of windows, it is necessary to achieve greater transparency and more light. will allow to eliminate stains, dust and dirt that have a negative impact on the image. Just clean the sensor gives amazing results if you have a DSLR, dust balls can be seen in the pictures in the form of points.
u best quality and clarity . / u

Lenses are in a position in the aperture, the better sharpness. In many cases, these places have one or two points out of a possible pre-opening. Instead of photographing aperture fully open, ie when the number of the smallest set back by one or two points.

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