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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to clean the lens

How to clean the lens before you decide to clean the lens, check whether you need to create some pictures and carefully looking at them

Before you decide to clean the lens, check whether you need to create an image and looking carefully at them
u Test Dust: / u.
Aperture - a low around f / 22, lower setting will affect is called diffraction
Focal length - the focus on infinity
staff - to shoot at a plain white surface evidence of Home - View picture in full size and look for spots that look like cells under a microscope
u What you need .. / u
blowers When blowing through the mouth, spitting saliva risk. So you can use the exhaust, which put off all but the dust stuck to the surface .
micro fiber fabric. They are available in any store. lens cloth, using only materials. Never use paper to clean the lens, because you can damage the surface.
lens cleaning fluid. This is an alcohol-based liquids, but not alcohol. The bottom line is that it leaves residue on the surface and sklepówz available in most cameras.
lens cleaning pen. Pen-based carbon is very delicate. usually contains a small brush to clean.
/ ul
u cleaning process: / u
Depending on the type and amount of dust on the lens, you may have one or more of the above items
blowers for her .. blow dust on the lens
microfiber cleaning cloth. Dust very lightly with a cloth. Try to wipe thoroughly, but do not overdo the cleansing. If you notice a greasy residue on the lens, using a little liquid, rubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Do not spray liquid directly on the lens. This is the best lens cleaning kit. Before use, carefully read the instruction manual. Clean the lens so b gentle.
/ ul
However, if you have any worries about cleaning the lens itself, it is best to clean it in the company store. Remember, if anything, the warranty does not cover.

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