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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to photograph a landscape

How to photograph a landscape Nature is incredibly nice

Nature is incredibly pretty common problem capturing moments that oddawałyby actual pictures Here are some tips that can help solve this problem
U... maximize depth of field. / U If
you want a little more creativity and experimentation, you can set a minimum depth of field, landscape photography, but normally should be set to the maximum depth that the focus can now. To do this, set the aperture to a minimum, that a large number. smaller aperture greater depth of field. Remember that a smaller aperture means less light, and adjust the balance by increasing the ISO, thereby increasing the exposure, or both.
u Use a tripod. / u
Given the extension of the shutter speed, You must be sure that your camera is steady when shooting. Even if the time is fast speed should I use a tripod. take into account the release cord or wireless trigger mechanism for additional stability.
u Find the center point. / u All images
require specific focal point, so it is with photographs of the landscape. Without these points may seem a waste picture. Such points may take different forms from buildings, trees, rocks, and the silhouettes of people. I think only what they can be the focal point, but where we can accommodate.
seafront foreground. / u
One of the elements that were in his moment to consider the first plan your dream images.
u Heaven . / u
sky is another element to consider when shooting landscapes. In most landscapes, the dominant part of the sky. If it is just bland, expressionless not let that overwhelm this time frame, also make sure that the foreground is much more interesting. However, if the sky that day was full of drama, interesting shapes, clouds and colors, place far below the Horizon Remember that you can use filters -. for example, a polarizing filter can add color contrast - ..

seafront Lines / u
It is important to keep a certain distance. There are a lot of ways, including the fore. But the best of them is the introduction of the recipient for a photograph with lines that give depth and pictures can be a point of interest, creating certain patterns.
u capture movement. / u
Most people associate the countryside with a calm, quiet and passive environment. But in reality, nature is rarely perfectly still. wind that blows through the trees and ocean waves, waterfalls, birds flying over our heads, or the movement of clouds, all this shows how we were wrong. Recording these moments usually means a longer exposure time, thus the low opening. You can also use a filter or even try to take a picture in the morning or evening when there is less daylight.
seafront time. / u

landscape can change dramatically with the changing times. As a result, the moment the shot is of great importance here. Many beginner photographers see beautiful sunny day and believes that the best time for shooting. However, sometimes overcast day offers a better setting of the beautiful sun. Watch out for storms, wind, fog, interesting clouds, the sun darkened skies, sunsets and long-east, etc. Do not wait another a beautiful and sunny day, using what nature gives you the way.
Gold seafront
hours. / u Gold
hours, when the sun rises and sets. It was a time when everything is lit up with a beautiful and warm sun.
. br
u Horizons / u
Before you take a picture, take into account two aspects of the horizon:
Is it easy - you can of course correct? later during treatment, but it will be easier when you get it right
What is the composition of the -.? .. Horizon is one of the three lines pictures Ideally, it was not completely in the middle
/ ul
u change perspective. / u
When you have a scenic view in front of you, take your camera out of the car, walk to the fence, take the camera rolls around about left and right , enlarge the image, then move away and take photos before returning the car.
u City / u.
spend a little more time for pictures, especially looking for a place where the picture is not perfect. not necessarily mean a place, but also the level at which holding the camera. Keep in mind that you can always crouch, kneel, and even put a camera on the ground. most important thing to see around and enjoy the different points of view and maybe find something really special.

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