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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to photograph water

How to photograph water Water seems to be a matter so fundamental that it is difficult to photograph

thing seems to be so important that it is difficult to photograph, but it takes many forms, such as lakes, ocean, stream or waterfall It may be unthinkable amount, or a drop or Frozen ... it flows that is interesting and dramatic. It tends to reflect light, which can be very photogenic. Here are some tips on how to maximize the benefits of water.
u drops of water. / u
drops of water difficult to photograph. need to use a tripod and shutter cable preferably using a remote control.
several ways to set the picture. Use a macro lens on the bottom of it; .. rnym Napuść light source in the water bath and let the drops fall reflects from the surface at the same time run a series of pictures, and at least one of them to catch a moment of reflection in the water droplet Practice makes perfect.!
u freezing water. / u
Set the trigger for a short time and turn on the lights to the frozen state. Use a tripod and a multi-mode, so you can choose the best.
seafront Reflections. / u
Look for interesting details in shooting of thinking, because there is no reason to take pictures of objects in the boring and free expression. Remember not to use flash. Use polarizing filters to reduce sun glare. Select the appropriate shutter speed to blur, especially when water is moving. If possible, wait until the water subsides.
falls . / u
during longer exposures, experiment to find the perfect time, ranging from two seconds. Do not forget to put the camera on a tripod, it will not achieve the desired effect. not use flash. You can also set the aperture to f / 16, the image is sharp.
u movement of water on sunny days. / u
Perfect to hold the camera can save you lots of pictures.
Use the self-timer and put the camera on the element, so it is not moved during the exposure. Sun may add a few seconds, but patience will pay off.
If you hold the camera shot too high, bend your knees or sit on a chair in order to minimize the possibility. Take a comfortable position before you take the picture.
Keep in mind that not all images must be taken at the height of the head. Try to add some diversity to become the subject or shooting from the balcony or staircase.
Set the perfect lighting to avoid areas too dark or too bright. The camera captures a narrow range from darkness to light, and even more brightness, more details in the picture. You can customize and set up many opportunities for pictures, for example, exposing / masking blinds, turn on / off lights in other rooms, or use a flashlight.
Avoid fluorescent light, you can create a green light in the picture. His connection with the daylight and incandescent lamps requires some experience.
Images may show all the details and plan to shoot after a thorough cleaning. Give him some time, especially on clean furniture, curtains, linen changes, and of course the carpet. Remove trash and hide trash cans.
slightly cloudy sky can provide a perfect capture, because windows will shine.
Shooting within the required field at every point. So avoid taking pictures up close. Set the aperture to f/11 or f/16.
If you use a tripod, set a longer exposure. It is a still life only so long exposure works - so you do not have set strong lighting
Before you look through the viewfinder image to start .. Check whether or not to catch unwanted objects, Clutter or projections on the edge of the box.
Set the camera on a tripod exactly in a straight position, avoid tilt. Compare with vertical lines in the room. If this seems difficult, you just need practice.
focus on objects with well-balanced light, not dark furniture, and bright walls. Do not be afraid to x-ray, it is popular, because in general, prefer to look on the bright interior, not darkness.
Adjust the exposure to different lengths, so that later you can choose the most attractive picture. Sometimes it is one that can not be expected. Take some time to take pictures, and the result will be worth it.
If you can shoot from wide-angle lens that will cover the whole area and make you able to get bigger, but do not neglect the details, because the unique character can be found only in small details, not in its entirety. Misuse of wide shots can be tiring after a while for the recipient, and the quality of these images, unfortunately, is lower.
Beware of mirrors, which can capture a part of you. Watch out for reflection in the glass and picture frames, windows and mirrors -.

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