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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to photograph the fall

How to photograph the fall Wondering how to take pictures and amazing colors of autumn, their depth and beauty probably want to allow others to work with you to enjoy this beautiful view, though not in the immediate vicinity

Wondering how to take pictures and amazing colors of autumn, their depth and beauty probably want to allow others to work with you to enjoy this wonderful view, although they are not around enough to make some pictures. Read the following advice will tell you that I do the best picture of autumn, which will give all of its advantages.
use for this purpose, a digital camera. perfectly suited for taking pictures outside and fully reflects the colors of autumn leaves. In this type of camera we can immediately see if the image is successful and if we understood what we wanted. Such images can be quickly and easily converted, if necessary.
Make your choice what you want to photograph. you can get incredible pictures without focusing on any particular object. You can take a picture of addiction exist in nature, including trees, insects and fallen leaves, preparing all winter. You can also focus on the landscape. therefore Unleash your imagination.
choose from depending on naturally occurring, as shown in Fig. Home - Focus on one color or a contrasting color palette of autumn colors Home - Take a broad view of the landscape autumn Home - Focus on an object. as tree Home -. Take a picture of fall, colors, autumn leaves or leaves still hanging on the branches Home -. Connect the autumn leaves from the ground, large rocks, blue sky or water Homepage -. .. Use raindrops that fall to the list Home - Take advantage of seasonal fruits or other signs of autumn Home - Use a combination of colorful leaves and mushrooms
Even and simple digital camera can have many useful features for shooting in the fall:
. Home - Home Use macro function -. Take wide-angle shots Home - .. Use the opportunity to approximations Home - Experiment with different settings in which they are fitted with cameras - . just use the delicate and powerful color
- Try to ISO camera
Compose the image so that the most interesting Home - .. Use a simple composition, in order to avoid confusion Index -. Set the camera in order to isolate the object in the foreground and get a blurred background Home -. With a wide angle shot to accept some interesting objects in the foreground is sure to be compared with the rest of the pictures Home - .. The main objective of improving the image may be one of the parties - the Left often seems more natural Home - ... Be careful with the deep shadows of the image then you can go completely black, and you have a problem with their treatment even with the best computer programs
As always, the need for light. mining the depths of autumn colors and try to take pictures of clouds day, May you be able to capture the autumnal mood
Using flash in the sun can bring out the beautiful colors of the leaves. red, yellow, gold, combined with various shades of green.
Circular polarizing filters are still very useful when shooting outdoors. They bring out the color of the sky, the sun.

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