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How to prevent muscle cramps

How to prevent muscle cramping muscle cramps are actually fairly common disease

muscle cramps are actually very common disease most related to the calf area This is a very painful thing, which can take up to several minutes of muscle spasms can occur in different situations .... It is often at night or during exercise. Sometimes this type of disease can cause life-threatening, as when we catch contractions during swimming. causes muscle spasms can be very different. Sometimes its just a bad diet can sometimes be associated with more severe disease This article provides information about muscle contraction - especially calves - and learn how to suppress
It is important to determine the cause of this disease As mentioned earlier, can be very different ... just the most common cause of poor nutrition and lack of magnesium. In this case, increasing the consumption of foods rich in magnesium. Most of the magnesium the dark chocolate. addition to the diet is helpful to introduce white beans, peas, spinach, wheat germ cereal, oatmeal, various nuts, pumpkin seeds, cod or mackerel. also from time to time to drink cocoa or hot chocolate.
sometimes cause muscle contraction may be different. it could be lack of potassium or calcium. To say that missing one element that is best done by an analytical laboratory blood soon. In a study should be noted that we are interested in the level of magnesium, calcium and potassium in the body. usually the cost of such studies are not prohibitive. Of course, it depends on the lab. If they are found in calcium or potassium deficiency needs to diet type products. whole grains, milk, avocado, tomatoes, including juice, tomato -, asparagus, bananas, dairy products , beans, peas, sardines in oil, parsley, yellow cheese
They are often cramp us in the night. How about them? Well, there are a few ways. should know that the probability of contraction is greater during sudden temperature changes. If our feet are freezing this night cramps are more likely to happen. It is therefore necessary before bedtime take a warm bath, or wrap the legs with a blanket. In addition, we can assist with infusions of herbs. It is best to drink chamomile infusion.
collection often catch us During intense exercise, like running or swimming time. Therefore, before and after exercise is a good warm up and stretch your muscles. reduces the risk of contraction. But what do you do when you catch us twitch? It is wrong to try to stretch the muscles. contraction overtake if does not stretch and exercise their sudden movements. You can start a bunch of muscle rub or touch lightly to loosen them.

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