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How to prepare for kayaking

How to Prepare for Kayak Kayaking is a very popular way of spending leisure time

Kayak is a very popular form of active rest It is especially popular in summer, during holidays, vacation organizing this competition is not difficult, because there are many companies that are engaged in organizing canoe ... They provide transportation, food and care lifesaver - depending on age and swimming skills tourists -. often time runoff, there are many facilities such as campsites, seasonal shops, saunas, or accommodations to all, to ensure. the best conditions for tourists to visit and relax. often , people who have never engaged in this type of estuary were considerable doubts. What to bring? What food? What clothes? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.
First, lets dress code issue. If rafting is over summer, and then dress should not have many problems. Of course, depending on whether you want to spend the night in tents or in a place of accommodation, our luggage may vary. first try to see during the day. Of course, it can not seem to be 100%, but this can be our guide. When the weather is sunny enough some shorts and shirts. Alternatively, a jacket or shirt for the evening. If the weather will be rainy, it should take more warm clothes. time combined with humidity can be uncomfortable. Do not forget a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen. As for footwear, it is best to wear special shoes for water sports. also be running shoes, if you are not afraid of them drown. mules are often picked up, but not well protected because of the ease of loss .
Now we eat, we should take with you. First you must find out whether a second round will be able to use the apparatus or gas stove. If the board, thats cool. This will facilitate the preparation of meals. Then we get instant soups or other dishes of this kind. If none of our friends do not have this type of equipment, we should take this food, which does not require cooking or boiling water. Make sure you dry food. Different kinds of preserves, pies, granola and dried snacks. We can also prepare some food at home and pack them into containers.
Where to set up a tent? Usually Riverside field tents, where you can pitch a tent. How to choose a place where they stand, our temporary home? First, it must be on flat ground. Avoid Tents set up on uneven, rocky, root-rich soil. Also avoid putting a tent near the river. Sometimes the river level can rise sharply, which is life threatening, especially at night. We do not put tents near the trees.

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