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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


How to avoid injury during training

To avoid injury while training media invite us to a healthy lifestyle, tout jogging, cycling, very fashionable lately nording walking, and well show you how to become slim and healthy

invite us to a healthy lifestyle, tout jogging, cycling, very fashionable lately nording walking, and well show you how to become slim and healthy, of course, this is all true and honest, more and more Poles invest in modern colors. przebieżkę and go in this area. problem is that hardly any amateur sports mind familiar with the basic principles that are applied during training actually be healthy and safe. Unfortunately, most people put shoes and moves, practicing the first day of their forces, and stops training for a week due to strong sores, to prevent movement.
u base is warm-up / u
whatever sport you choose to grow every workout should start with a solid warm-up not be limited to the two arms of the stroke can begin a peaceful jog, a variety of exercises in półbiegu -. knock or shake the heels buttocks, lifting his knees high, etc. - and then go to the sound stretching focus in turn on each body part head .. circulation, circulation hips, stretching your legs, squats and turning, hand exercises, etc. Only after the initial dose of exercise can take the next step
u appropriate clothing / u
It is also appropriate dress, which should be especially comfortable, breathable and non-binding motion. If we have something greater financial resources, we can not afford to equip one of the reputable companies, manufacturers of sports, which are specially adapted to absorb sweat, helps the skin breathe, so if we limited resources, but only an ordinary suit. no need for it to save on shoes and match them to the sport grow. shoes are suited to different disciplines and different ways to protect your legs, for example, if we run the asphalt paths, its the shoes, which absorbs impact, and thus protect the joints.
u Training Plan / u
not jump into the deep end, and not to train at the level of hard, because in this way by putting their own health, and simply not hold. If you start going to the gym or fitness center, buy a couple of hours under the guidance of coach who will demonstrate how to properly use the equipment, how to breathe and do an exercise program. If you start the training as well as decide to go jogging, go to internet ready programs for beginners and follow them. plans accurately describe the consecutive days of training, how many minutes of March, and so far run
u Try not to discourage / u If you expect
that after a week in order to look like a young god but unfortunately none of it. To improve the appearance and condition it takes a lot of time, persistence and work, but be sure that eventually it will pay off.

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