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How to train six Weider

How to train six Weider Almost everyone / every one of us dreams of a beautiful, flat stomach

Almost everyone / every one of us dreams of a beautiful, flat stomach figure gives us a better mood, increased self-acceptance, it makes us feel more attractive, we can achieve the perfect figure A6W trained, or six aerobicznÄ… .. Weider. It is a set of exercises for the proper exercise of abdominal muscles. Really method is very effective in the short term may reduce belly fat and shape, respectively. Below we show how to practice to have a flat stomach.
Classes are every day for 42 days. A6W still performed the same series of six exercises that repeat over time, increasing the amount of exercise. do the first exercise we lie on the hard ground. lay hands on the body. Then bend and lift one leg to an angle of 90 degrees. At the same time raising the shoulders, but not We can separate the body from the ground. we raise our hands to facilitate the knee. Then we put the leg and proceed similarly with the other leg. keep them in the first 2 to 3 seconds. first performed on all exercises six times.
Then, also lies on the ground or Karimi, hands placed on the body. Then bend both legs at the knees and lift, also as before, keeping the angle of 90 degrees. peels. shoulders off the floor, body on sticks to keep this position for 2-3 seconds left leg down, then straightens again, we repeat the exercise -. six times -.
next exercise is similar to previous re .. straight bend one leg and keep at 90 degrees to take your hands behind your head and lift his head from shoulder to feet in same time maintains this position 2 -. 3 seconds left shoulder and leg lift the other leg and perform exercises
again .. Then we perform an exercise similar to earlier only this time make a right at the top of both legs keep your hands on your head also must be 2 - ... 3 seconds
then takes over and weave your hands behind your neck Lift your chest. and when we raise one leg a second time at the top - at 90 degrees - ... do not stop your feet in the air a few seconds of movement must be strong
last exercise, we can raise the shoulders and chest and arms outstretched along the torso while lifting the leg straight Withstands 2 - .. 3 seconds
These exercises consist of a series of first day we implemented a series of exercises and each exercise performed six times the other day in the two series of six exercises .. third day in the two series. fourth day, we make three sets of six exercises. three series are now in the end, increase the amount of exercise. of the seventh working day of eight, ten, eleven
etc. Good luck!

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