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How to effectively train

In order to effectively realize women

Women Home - in line with trends in the XXI century - you want to achieve an ideal, slim silhouette, then go on a diet -. Especially during spring and summer, when it is necessary to show a little body on the beach in a swimsuit - and start practicing. Unfortunately, visiting the gym or even exercise performed at home does not always give the desired result, ie we can not lose weight regardless of our efforts. also sometimes results in the diet. Why, what are we doing wrong? How should we practice? What drink to avoid? Below a few golden tips for weight loss.
first question is the time to exercise. try to train the morning. Of course, for many of us getting up at dawn, seems to be a terrible and frightening thought of getting up early. But Its worth a little bit and try to get up earlier. morning exercises to speed up metabolism, which helps burn more calories than during the day. In addition to a faster start burning fat because your body does not burn just eaten a meal, but only accumulated fat. morning exercise improves mood and relaxes endorphins. and stimulates
Another thing is that sport is the most efficient course, it depends from person to person, but for most women is the perfect pool, aqua aerobics or march -. in relation to our running perfectly shaped silhouette, especially the hands, abdomen and buttocks - ... If you decide to propose to start swimming three days a week and gradually increase the frequency of visits over time, we can even work out every day for half an hour or an hour Aqua aerobics is an ideal thing for weight loss, exercise in the water make the shape of the entire body, burn fat faster, and at the same time. If you choose walking, and then try to do every day.
skreślmy from your diet is definitely green tea. Yes, probably most of us have heard that losing weight is to drink lots of green tea. Well, nothing further from the truth Some say that by its properties, drainage lose weight, but they do not think that at the time when he stops to drink water again becomes the body and returns us back. weight Instead, let us drink more water, except that the after 20.00 hours, we limit the intake - if you drink more than 1.5 liters, we can fatten up to two pounds -. does not mean that we do not drink, just drink to no more than 1.5-liter green tea can also replace tea with rose hips, which will stabilize the metabolism and prevent accumulation of water. Good luck!

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