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What is the mark sailing?

What is the mark of sailing Sailing is becoming increasingly popular pastime

... Sailing is becoming increasingly popular pastime sailing schools organize training survived the siege of more and more families and young people use the long spring and summer weekends and moves the sails, unfortunately, many water bodies becoming more and more polluted and noisy ports and is full of garbage. itself not to spread bad reviews for the sailors, rather in practice a few simple rules.
If you stand on the waterfront, and youll see the boat coming, to offer assistance to receive berths.
If tied ship and polery are already taken, do not forget to put the ship on the main line of the boat rope, which is already docked.
not bind on the opposite side of the bridge to the other crew zahaczały not on his line manager. keep some order. If
the flow is close to another vessel, to greet the crew. If someone greets you with another boat, to respond to this beautiful gesture of greeting.
during the cruise to keep your eyes open and observe the distance from other vessels. Follow the instructions for navigation. Remember regression road charter, if They have the advantage. Watch out for the swimming person, any other small vessels such as boats, kayaks, motorcycles windsurfingowców.
If the water is in the organization of the regatta, do not forget to move away from the track. therefore outside the buoys deployed in the race. race information can to the sergeant found in the harbor.
If crucified port in the evening and you will see that there is not enough space, try to ask the crew of ships in the vicinity of where the dock, or do not bother. Do not risk a collision with another vessel. the survey. Think want to run and maneuver your way przyszykuj escape into the lake when the wind proved too strong.
major ports in Hawaii for safety reasons, the ban on entry into the sails, because it is too risky., so make sure you have an efficient engine. Remember throw sails before entering . When you have no engine, you need to save pagajami.
When sailing from the port, do not forget to say goodbye to the crew adjacent yachts.
Do not wash your dishes in the lake, not the process of goods with the use of cleaning products. Do not throw bottles and cigarette water.
forget to shut the port. In large centers, sailing no shortage of places where you can rejoice. Better go to a bar or disco, but to organize a strong party in the harbor.
during transport and do not consume alcohol.
before departure, thoroughly clean up after themselves. Use garbage and waste.

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