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How to prepare for the long trip

How to prepare for a long journey before I hit the Seas cruise, you have to think not only about preparing the boat, but on his mental and physical preparation

Before you go on-going cruises, you have to think not only about preparing the boat, but on his mental and physical preparation if you decide to take the role of helmsman, remember that you are responsible not only for myself, but. As crew members. Preparing for a long trip, you must begin now for a few weeks earlier.
to feel good physically, you have to think about a reasonable package. Consider how much you need food and water. Keep in mind that it is not always managed to arrive in time to cover , so some stock for stock.
Take all medicines and vitamins you use regularly. forget to replenish first aid kit. should find in her dressing materials, medicines for diseases. sea, poisoning, severe diarrhea
Make sure clothes protection from rain and wind, sailing gloves, sturdy shoes waterproof forget sunglasses and cream with a high filter -. will best be here Sun Blocker - because the sun on the sun shines strong and can burn the cancer. During the trip, protect your head, Because the boat is very easy to make a stroke. On hot days, limit sun exposure.
Before traveling make sure the boat is secure. Rate his condition.
Ensure that the ship fire-fighting, first aid kit, life jackets and buoyancy aids.
Check the hull is in good condition. Any leaks, students must be repaired before going on a cruise because of a seemingly small error can cause a big problem during the trip and the danger to life.
Rate technical condition of the sails and set replace if necessary. Check any clothing, footwear and seams.
Ensure that security systems, navigation and electrical work fine.
Collect all maps and charts. Plan your route with care. Check the weather messages and prepare for the ever-changing conditions. Do storms, thunderstorms and wind. better be one, two days at the marina for more than a risk.
How to reduce stress while sailing in difficult conditions, practice relaxation techniques before you go . meditate, try to learn to control your breathing. practice composure in difficult conditions.
ready emotionally and combat settings. Sailing is not just catch the wind in the sails and enjoy the surrounding adventure, but also struggle with the elements. Set in harsh weather conditions . Remember that the boat can get wet and tight you may be properly dispersed. changes in air pressure too hard to be felt. Develop a positive attitude so.
care of good contacts with the crew. Try to learn everything before embarking on a cruise. Remember that the sailing team work. Follow the command master. no flash in the cleaning operation.

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