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The jogging?

In jogging in fact, just wear comfortable shoes and you can run for health

Basically, wear comfortable shoes and you can run for health, but today there are many innovative solutions that make the jogging experience even better and more efficiently Hence, u. Which is best fitted before?
Basic and the most important equipment is a good companion pair of shoes. not regret not money. Ideally, you are special shoes, tried, trustworthy company. to protect your feet from injury or creating scratches and fingerprints. Even when measuring the trade should be comfortable . to the store to buy a selection at the end of the day, when the leg is swollen and tired. Bring socks to wear for training. rates are often asymmetrical, and therefore difficult to start bigger or wider feet. running shoes must be greater than half the number of shoes you usually wear every day. To begin with it makes no sense to buy boots for professionals. average shelf price is more than enough.

. Dress so comfortable t-shirt and sweatshirt should not be labeled, but it is important to of breathable, airy pure cotton materials necessary to develop technology manufacturers are offering better synthetic materials - .. eg fleece, Gore-Tex - who better to take the moisture, which is important especially in cold weather, wet skin freezes more quickly
Ladies must wear a sports bra that will bust will be held firmly in place ...
required to wear a hat winter, warm, covering the ears, so as not to destroy the heat -. running through my head as much as 40 percent of heat from the body - airy summer ... baseball cap scalp and will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays
Affairs of glasses. best sport, which are firmly on the head while running, with yellow lenses brighten the image, improve sharpness and protects against UV rays.
Buy you a special belt with pockets for water bottles and accessories - a handkerchief, keys, phone - .. pour water bottles isotonic drink which helps make energy and minerals lost during intense exercise can buy ready-made liquid or bag powder to be dissolved in isotonic water, there are convenient, small. sports bags with gels. always have a bottle or clean water and drink regularly.
Belt Clip MP3 which is also by far your time while running.
If you run a serious and long-term issues to watch the race, which will carefully plan the training time, or you should get Footpod or GPS, to measure distance and speed.

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