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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


How to care for the tail

Caring for your cue Fan automotive care of your car, an avid runner takes care of his shoes and care for the amateur billiard stick to that game

automotive care of your car, an avid runner takes care of his shoes and care for the amateur billiard cue that the game is how you do it:
not drop. And do not let anything fall out . at best end up chipping paint, but you risk the growth of dents, cracks, curved wood, and even its failure.
Do not let it warm up. sometimes fills the hanger rods located near the heater, which is definitely a bad idea to stick to of wood, which deform under high temperatures and dry may have ever seen a decades long dance floor by the window, through which a few hours a day, rushed into the sun - .. especially in the summer - .. flooring to dry and it is a big gap between Tape
also check that the store sticks are too close to heat sources
Do not fall into the extreme and do not hold a stick in the fridge.: - .. Low temperatures and does not serve him, and may contribute to its curvature is very
important to maintain the tip, the tip of a stick, hit the ball, this layer protects the wood from damage, deformation, hardens and closes end wood stick .. This comparison is further coated with wax, to protect from moisture absorption Therefore, under no circumstances try to restore its original Rub sandpaper appearance, because they simply crush it, and the rod will fit to be thrown away -. or leave a warning improper maintenance - ..? ..
If your rod is made of fiberglass, to discover the sweeping protective layer of glass, sharp Fiber To continue playing this stick can not get these clubs never use abrasives to clean the works with which they are dissolved in water pollution.
Grinding is the last choice for a wooden stick. Use it with caution and only in case of contamination, so severe that they can not be eliminated by other means.
advice preservative use of specialized formulations that simultaneously clean and complete loss of wax. You can choose a ready-soaked tissues and preparations for the application of cloths.
for better protection, you can also apply coat of wax. However, to effectively protect the wood. moisture, and must properly rub
To further smooth out the tip and cause it to be nicer to the touch, you can specify a separate layer of silk It will also reduce the friction on the hands, and thus -. will facilitate the game. Page
keep the room ventilated at a temperature of 16-24 ° C. Do not store
horizontally placed on the hangers! stick is then easy to distort under its own weight. Also, you should not be stored in the corner, so that one end rested against the wall, and the other on the floor. They can not act on it any stress.
Hold to put on the rack so that the vertical, ie, where the stick handle rests on his booth, a guy is trapped, or in a separate bag with sticks.

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