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How to relieve PMS and menstrual cramps with yoga

In order to alleviate PMS and menstrual cramps with yoga turned out that a few yoga postures can alleviate menstrual pain pomócw

discovered that a few yoga postures can alleviate menstrual pain pomócw These items can help your body and mind of stress, anxiety and depression .. This is because, after exercising, your body gets relaxed and calm. Relaxed mind and the body can also pomócw menstrual pain relief. suppress the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome should also take care of a healthy diet to give any body the essential vitamins and minerals.
During exercise should remain soft abdomen and active so that the menstrual bleeding has not stopped. turns and faces the position should not work, because they can divert the flow or the press area. stomach and interfere with the natural discharge of Menstrual fluid Here are yoga positions that are suitable for the alleviation of menstrual pain:
u purification devices - kapalabhati - / u kapalabhati
Breathing is a technique that is used exclusively for cleaning. If you have a lot of mucus in the airways or a feeling of tension or obstacles in the chest, then this technique will help you to breathe faster and easier.
u Siad crossed - SUKHASANA -. corpse / u
is one of the classic position of meditation, and is usually performed after the title sits crossed helps straightening the spine, slowing down metabolism, promoting inner tranquility, and peace of mind
u Rank cat - . Bidalasana - / u position
cat - a cat-back - teaches you to start moving to the center and how to coordinate movement and breath. These are the two most important themes in Yoga practice. Keep in mind that the position of the cat has not indicated if you have Chronic or persistent pain in the back or a broken spine.
u port position - Dhanurasana - / u
position resembles a bow archer bow strengthens back muscles, improves posture and helps to resolve many gastrointestinal problems at Bear note that this is not the place .. yoga for people suffering from a serious neck injury or back position
u snake / cobra -. Bhujangasana - / u This yoga position
improves spinal flexibility and strengthens the muscles of the shoulder and the back addition, it is effective in relieving menstrual disorders, and constipation
u Rank fish - .. Matsyasana - / u
Production of fish products soothes stiff neck and muscles. Improves flexibility of spine . Hold the position of the fish at least half the amount of time you spend on your shoulders to balance the stretch.
u Pavanamuktasana / u
Pavanamuktasana term comes from the Sanskrit word Pavan, which means air or wind and mukta, which means freedom or release - can be construed as a waiver of the gas - .. position wind mitigation works mainly on the digestive system in detail; lności helps remove excess stomach gazóww
u anuloma viloma - alternating breath - / u anuloma
viloma the technique of breathing technique in this .. you can breathe air through one nostril, holding the breath and in the other nostril exhale
seafront Yoga exercises -. delay / u
appreciate the benefits of relaxation, you must first experience the how it feels to be tense. This occurs during the corpses.
u Relaxation Position / u
IEM first yoga practice to learn how to relax your body and mind.

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