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How to play pool

How to Play Pool How many times have you tried to play pool with your friends or colleagues, and had different notions about the rules of the game certainly more than once?

How many times have you tried to play pool with your friends or colleagues, and had different notions about the rules of the game certainly more than once is not conducive to a good, friendly atmosphere and efficient game when everyone has?. Her other ideas. Of course, the lack of standardization can lead to small conflicts, and eventually to exchange views and show to each other not knowing the rules. to see the official rules of billiards.
u diagram, which shows how to properly put the balls in the triangle. / u Colors should be grouped together, but scattered. black ball should be in the middle, a ball and a half should be lower corners of the triangle.
u Who breaks first? / u You can get together but is it a different way. Set two balls on the base line, at equal distances. from the edge of the table to strike balls, long bands that jumped from the top of the table on the other side and returned to the band - edge of the table - on the basis of - kitchen - . where the person begins to stand, which, ... meters closer to the ball to stop the gangs of the table
u breakdown / u white ball - one that serves to break up - should be set in place the so-called head , the database field. It is in the middle of the base line is marked on the table.
If during the holidays, some of the ball flew into the pocket, this kind of color of the player.
If the ball is not in hole, at least four balls must touch the band. If not treated it as an abnormal breakdown and the opponent can accept the position of the balls on the table, smashing it again and again seek to break the opponents ball.
If the ball sticks to break up the black, its not an offense . In this case, the player can reset smashing the ball to break up or move the black ball and play continues.
If the hole balls are black and white, is. This error again break should be moved to break the ball or black ball white ball into the box to set up bases in the game continued
If you break any ball is forced off the table does not get it back into the game -. except black and white ball -. player who takes the law zagrywania in this situation can not accept the position of the ball and continue to play, or set the white ball on the ground and continue the game.
/ ul
u After each interruption, no matter how removed from the table remains open. / u If you were to push the colorful ball, while still playing a player who broke the balls. table is open to a situation in which the plate is allowed to hit the white ball with any other ball. table is closed if at least one hole in the ball legally separate strike after the break.

after each violation, except for a foul on an opponent breakdown can set the cue ball anywhere on the table
u offense is deemed to exist, anywhere. / u
player do not hit the cue ball either,
player pockets the cue ball,
player touches his hand, stick or wear any balls on the table,
player strikes the black ball,
player hits the ball as the first opponent, the player pockets the black
ball during the game - undeclared pocket or off the table -,
any balls will fall off the table,
none of the balls do not touch the rail
/ ul
. br
u Gracie until all the balls into the hole pockets. / u the winner is the one who pockets the black ball after sinking all their balls. driving a black ball in the rules. Try not to hammer the last ball, if you do not give you the ability to easily pocket black ball. to dig the black ball is always opposite to that in which you push the ball last.

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