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How to turn a horse

How to turn a horse generally the case that the horse, the hand holding the reins

generally the case that the horse, the hand holding the reins with the left hand by Reina left and right depending on the right hand to pull on the reins, the horse will turn in that direction is. This basic method to direct the horse. As you become skilled in horse riding to meet his. But at the very beginning you have to master the basic principles guiding the horse.
hold the reins in both hands. Hands should be forward about 5 inches forward and about 10 cm above the saddle.
that the horse knows to be moved. Maintain contact between the hands and mouths of horses. chief should be neither tight nor too loose to let go. It should be a straight line between the elbow and the curb.
turn left, gently pull the reins with his left hand. But do not drag. just gently pull. horse will feel safe. pulling can cause pain.
At the same time when you pull the reins with the left hand, gently hit the horse left leg. But not too hard.
horse begins to respond to your signals, stop digging and pulling strengthens.
hold back the reins by
If you want to turn right, follow the same way as described above, but pull on the reins right arm and right leg szturchnij horse.

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