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How to fish the river

How to catch a river fishing in rivers and streams can be much more satisfying

Fishing in rivers and streams can be much more rewarding it is a little harder than fishing in a pond or lake water is typically shallow and fast flow, you can often find lower branches, or more pointed, protruding rocks. To start fishing on the river, read the following instructions.
determine how the river or stream you want to catch. Perhaps there is a large nearby river or creek in a nice wooded area.
Decide what kind of fish you catch.
information about objects or streams that you selected. Visit shops and fishing lures, which is close to want to go and talk to employees. obtained in this way, information on nearby rivers and streams. knowledge of the local population should always stand up!
Consider whether you want a guide . will show you on the rivers and streams, which are excellent for fishing. For more information on how to contact an appropriate guide, you should contact your local hardware store for fishing
Take your wadery - housewife. high fishing boots reaching above the knee to would you dry, even when standing in water
Plan your time fishing - .. it is a very important element Pay attention to time and moon phase, before you go fishing You know when it is full, not difficult to learn, and is of great importance for the activity of the fish. information in the strikes calendar. moon phase A. Foucher / em.
use live bait, and always use hooks. This is the best way to present the bait naturally
. live worms spiked on soprano and let it naturally floated downstream. Try not to hang them on the rocks, it does not produce the best results. This is probably the best fishing techniques in rivers and streams.

method of land in the river is a little more complicated weight should weigh at least 30gr -. more quickly if the stream - can be even 120g -.
course, catching fish in the river, we choose a quieter place than the center of the river - as the holes for the stones and the other is prevented, meandering, slow, deep creek with przybrzegowych hand, etc.

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