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How to increase physical fitness through exercise

How to increase physical fitness through exercise Spring is ideal time for active leisure

Spring is ideal time for active leisure time instead of sitting in front of the TV, we will use the good weather, and decide to walk with fresh air and movement of people in order to maintain vitality, health, youth, and feel better. .. what sport and exercise can be practiced outside the home? It depends on the preferences of each of us, however, are universal sport that can do everything, regardless of age.
Exercise is good for fitness and the human psyche. Lack of exercise deadlock causes the muscles, reduces physical fitness and physical damage many functions. People suffering from chronic diseases should not worry about it because light exercise, the less the load can be done without specific instructions from your doctor.
exercises for heart failure.
People with hypertension should be going for long walks and jogging. footwork provides the body with about 30 percent of energy needs. sports and can ride a bike, the active form of recreation, you can even lose a few pounds. moderate physical effort can eliminate the risk of heart stroke up to 30 percent. This can be done 4 times a day to do exercises around the hand, or do some set of squats. It improves blood circulation, which positively affects the functioning of internal organs.
exercises on lung function.
People with chronic lung disease are advised to exercise on the respiratory system Examples of such exercises,.
a deep breath, to coordinate with the slow swing of his arm, then breathe deeply while not putting their hands UU starting position.
2 exercises for chest. stretch consists in stopping a deep breath the air, having spent a few breaths.
3 easy exercise strengthens the muscles of the upper airway is called. blowing through a long plastic tube, deeply immersed in a bottle of water - preferably a 5 liter - .. .
are practical ways that you can do exercises at home do not forget that before every workout to warm up tight This allows you to avoid injury, strengthens the muscles become more flexible and stronger. morning warm-up should be longer, because they prepare the body to load . Similarly, in cold weather. Then warm-up should be longer than in the days warm.

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