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How to fit a bicycle

How to fit a bicycle When you buy a bike should pay great attention to its size

When buying a bike should pay great attention to its size since it depends on whether the horse will be comfortable here are some tips that will help you fit the bike to grow
Fr. For most cyclists, the first
IEM in the corresponding right size bike is stepping on the bike is standing with both feet flat on the ground a good tailor bike frame would leave about 2.5 -. loose 5 inches of space between the edge of the frame and your crotch. Not too much, not too little. for mountain bikes, this area should be slightly larger, about the width of your hand.
In the case of womens bikes, which are not highly placed between the wheels, frame and saddle, you can forgive yourself this
. No need to set up a bike at such a height so your feet can be fully corrected when her sit down. Your knees should be slightly bent when your foot on the pedal that is a bet on the bottom. This will increase pressure and reduce fatigue.

very common mistake of people is their belief that when you sit on the seat still need to have your feet placed flat on the ground. If you sit on the saddle of your bike, your feet touch the ground, in some way other than just your fingertips, it means that your seat is set too low.
, to maximize comfort and pedaling efficiency you need to adjust the saddle position as the most flat, so you can sit on it and pedal, without the constant need to improve their position. You will have the impression that lap seat if its slope forward will be too big and too many tracks in the rear will cause you will not have enough strength to paddle and you will also believes that the drop from saddle to the rear wheels. Both of these situations are very distracting and annoying. When
sit on the seat, your weight should rest on the same places as in the case when sitting upright on a hard surface. How to set the proper settings, you can also move the seat back and front seat post. This will ensure that you put your weight comfortably.
accurate control is to find a comfortable position for you to ride a bike that will not cause tension in the shoulders, arms or wrists. Much here depends on personal preference and dependence in relation to body types, so do not be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect place for you. Also remember that the staff. store where you purchased the bike is always ready to advise and help you find the perfect fit
general, the guidelines presented here have a different use for different types of bicycles:
seafront Szosówki / u In the case of MTB control should be slightly lower than the top of the pass, with a difference of about 2.5 - 5 cm .. This allows you to set the forward curve, which increases aerodynamic ride.
/ ul
seafront mountain bikes. / u Mountain bike wheel set will often even lower - about 7 - 10 cm -. in relation to the saddle idea is to find the lowest seat focus, especially if you only ride on sidewalks addition, mountain bikers often come out. seat while driving to absorb shock and other obstacles, a set of low handles give them a better balanced position, helps distribute the weight evenly on bicycle wheels.
Opatija City road bikes. / u In the case of bike, rider position is more upright - unlike szosówek and mountain bikes -. wheels will be set up in relation to the saddle - about 5 cm or more -. This means that a significant part of their body weight will be moved to the rear of the bike, instead of focusing on the hands and wrists.
/ ul
Keep in mind that setting the height of its managers are the most important individual preferences and the rules of physics. You can adjust the bike for so long until you find a place where you feel comfortable for a long time. Generally, the higher the lift wheel, the more upright you will receive.

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