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How to prevent slippage figurowych

How to prevent ice skating inhibition figurowych beginners to people makes a lot of problems

skating beginners to people makes a lot of problems, but if you devote enough time to practice you can master this skill to perfection Professional łyżwiarzach When shall we see you just need a little patience and persistence that .... So properly restrain skating figurowych ? Here are a few ways.
u ONE WAY / u
bend the knees and the sun on the ice with your feet together.
extend one leg forward. Place the slide so that the thumb and knee focused on the center of the heel on the outside. Remove only the foot in such a way that is angled on flat trzymanej skates on the second leg.
Keep straight slip on the ice in the second position
. will spawn a of ice, and youll lose speed. At the end stop.
u Method / u
u / u Join the foot.
spine erect. bend knee.
lift a skate on the top and set her second skate, so that together form the letter T.
hold in this position until it stops.
u Method three / u
seafront / u legs slightly spread apart and bend your knees.
On skates in such a way that the front part was directed at the center. certainly be a slight bend. Otherwise skates were brought to themselves and wywrócisz.
Pivot rest of the body slightly backward.
After some time, stop.

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