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How to train boxing

How to train boxing training in boxing requires lots of hard work, discipline and self-confidence

training in boxing requires lots of hard work, discipline and confidence to buy a first punching bag and gloves and to find partners with whom you can practice if youre serious about boxing career, join a gym and find a coach .. that would be properly trained
On the product form the beginning of each morning, passing through a 30 - ... 60 minutes at a time, begin to run on all long-distance
start lifting weights Raise the bar .. 5 kg, about 15 minutes or 20 - . of 40 kg for 5 minutes Do this only if someone in your area Accidents often occur when this type of exercise because someone always has to protect
.. Make sure that your diet consists only of healthy foods. Choose a protein as a basis your diet and eliminate high-calorie foods. Each day, drink plenty of water. accept more water, the better it will affect your body. First of all, avoid junk food.
Put a punching bag and try to attack it the right way for about 30 minutes a day, with the delay period. Subscribe to the gym, so it will be around other people. solitary exercise can be boring. If you use a punching bag at home, turn off the music and started beating on her rhythm.
lie on the floor and start doing push-ups at least 50 days. Again, with time to increase their number. In this way it will develop the pectoral muscles and triceps ..
practice your muscles will allow you to adopt a better shot, and without a shirt, you look much more sexy if at least 50 - .. 100 crunches a day during their execution, place a medicine ball or something equally heavy on your stomach - it causes your muscles will be stronger
If possible buy a bench to bench barbell to strengthen muscles your hand and you play will be much stronger
Take 3rd .. - 5 lifts per day, over time, try to raise larger and larger one of the best exercises for strengthening the biceps
Find a partner for sparring, and the train is the only way you will be able to in real way to assess your skills ....
If you think youre ready, try your hand at amateur boxing league or join a local tournament. not only will you gain experience, but you have to specify what further work , and you evaluate your progress.

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