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How to Ride

Horseback Riding Lessons How to ride hard, but very exciting

Horse riding lessons are hard but very exciting experience Use the following tips will help you efficiently and safely navigate the first few hours of horseback riding is one of the most absorbing discipline is ideal for anyone .. who enjoys the company of animals, a positive impact on our posture, strengthens the muscles of the legs and spine and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. You must remember, however, that the horse is not a car. This creature who has an opinion and decide whether to listen or not. so great importance is your attitude. Anyone who plans to study before riding to make some kind of understanding. Here are tips to help you stay safe in the first lesson.
How to wear for riding. / u
in / u This is very important, of course a helmet. If you subscribe to a professional driving school, you must provide a range of different helmet sizes. properly fitted helmet should show a good grip on the chin, but it can not be fastened too tightly, as not to oppress. riding boots should have a 1-2 inch heel. little heel to prevent slippage of the foot stirrups. shoes are ideal for the knees, because they avoid rubbing the calf of the rider bar, holding the stirrup. Anyone who is serious about riding should invest in a quality hat and boots. Ideally, if the driver had no pants. jeans are not the best driving-slip in the saddle, and seams in the legs hurting.
u How to get on the horse. / u
u / u Building a relationship with a horse is like building relationships with people. Only your repose your confidence will cause the horse trusts you. not immediately allow you to enter a horse in your area. Put your hands on your face and stroked gently. even if you are afraid, do not point to them, or a friendly and confident. Beginners should not go near the horses, animals that had no chance to kick it. not to approach a horse directly from the front and rear. Horses have eyes on the head, so that when you hit them in the vertical, the dead point at which you can not see. To avoid a situation where the horse will be surprised by your presence to him on the side and stand more or less at the peak of his front legs. experienced driver usually gets left. Beginners can benefit from steps to facilitate his task, and will free the horse.
u proper driving position. / u
good driving position helps in maintaining balance and helps to keep in the saddle. good driver is always in harmony with the natural movement of the horse, so that a balance is one of the most important part of driving. plight adversely affect the natural movement of the horse and rider increases muscle pain. To take you to the right place to expand length of the body and pelvis include your abdominal muscles. Sit up straight. Keep the spine straight and bones hidden in a natural position and not angled forward or backward. Keep your head and looks straight between the ears of a horse in the direction of travel. When turning your head or look down, and increase the pressure on one side of the horse by knocking him off balance. So, I think it would stick his head right in the middle between the two ears of a horse. It is important to keep your feet in stirrups. This helps keep the balance. Looking at the drivers side with the shoulders, hips and ankles should form a straight line. It will be very easy to achieve, stirrups will be a good fit for your height.
u holds the reins / u Main
act as the steering and brakes These are associated with a piece of metal - pavement .. -. which is located at the mouth of a horse commander must always remain under the control of the driver, can not fully disclose it, because then it will be difficult to regain control of the horse. pick up the reins with both hands, place them between the middle and little fingers. Gently bend your fingers around them and place your thumb on top. Beginners should try to relax and at the same time to avoid tensions body. Instead, focus on the horse in terms of movement and maintain a level position. start time driving the muscles, where most of us use every day, so after an hour, take a hot bath, to reduce muscle tension and pain.

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