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How to teach your child to ride a bike

How to teach your child to ride a bicycle ride the bike almost every one in memory

cycling is almost everyone in the memory of countless dumper, the bruises, but also much joy and laughter Here are tips to teach your child how to safely ride a bike
First of all you need ... appropriate clothing for the child Before and protector wsadzisz child to make sure the bike wearing pads including helmet, elbow pads and knee dress pants child of a rigid material, such as jeans - ... will protect your legs from scratches
Explain to your child the basics. hand on the wheel, eyes on the road, feet on the pedals. These are three principles that every driver should always be remembered. Conscious based child quickly learns to balance and control the bike.
begin to study the stability of the circuits. Cycling with additional wheels to help the child in relation to bicycle. As a child is big enough to ride on two wheels, download ringtones side.
Put your child on a bicycle. Keep one hand on the wheel and the other in the back seat. Keep your bike ask your child to self pedałowało and handling. As a child will be pedaling evenly and firmly hold the steering wheel slightly to increase the speed and release the bike is still going forward. In the event that the bike had to wait too long to catch him upset.
Have a kit ready at least hydrogen peroxide and plaster bandages.
Encourage your child to repeated attempts, please be patient and understanding. If your child will be angry is not going to tell him not to go too. Explain that fall is a natural and normal part of learning to ride a bike, and that each rider has the right few bruises and scratches.

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