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How to look sexy on the slopes

How to look sexy on the slopes you think that the slope can not look good not to mention the sexy look youre wrong?

Do you think that the slope can not look good not to mention the sexy look wrong if you follow a few tips you will not only look good, but also attract the attention of other people, and its not a moment when you lie face in the snow. Many men and women to go skiing for everyone to know. Here are tips that will make this winter on the slopes attract the gaze of others.
seafront wear on the slopes. / u
with many trends , which this year offers designers can choose clothing that will be best for you, is properly positioned in the image women have a large selection of ski pants and jackets can be found on store shelves a great jacket that shows your character, even if it is not perfect - jacket .. properly selected, this can mask
seafront. color. / u
Everyone has a different skin tone, so different color suits him. People with dark skin beige, light beige is best present in the following colors:. green, blue, and a combination of white and black darker skin - especially in those tight tan - perfectly complement the pastel colors and white for fair-skinned man would be the best red, white and blue .. For this to be choose the color of clothing individually, so its good to point out skin color. It should be borne in mind that this seasons most stylish on the slopes of the advantages and neon colors. You can experiment with colors, choosing colors for their seemingly matching. more colorfully dressed you are, the better !
u makeup. / u Dear Sir
who choose the pitch does not mean you have to give up the makeup. shining example of a small, soft eyeshadow and lip gloss and pink on the cheeks look great in the winter sun.
u tan. / u You
use self-tanning lotion, spray, or bronzing blush for women. remember not to get dressed while in white, brown spots from sun is definitely not attractive.

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