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How to kickflip

How to kickflip kickflip is one of the basic skills of a young skateboarder

Kickflip is a basic acrobatic skills of a young skateboarder, it takes practice, but it is relatively easy to perform depends on the kick board -. After the jump - to be turned by 360 ° to skateboarders. Land on skateboard and move on. It is important not to confuse kickflip heelflip. In this first skateboard should be facing the contestants, unlike heelflipie. If you still can not perform the kickflip, you should look for a new hobby. seriously. This is something that every athlete should be able
Place your feet on the skateboard so that the front was about half the board before montażówkami at a slight angle -. about forty-five degrees -. If the heel should be extended. Do you know how to ollie, you know the setting of interest is identical
We are on the back foot as Ollie But instead of pulling the front leg to the end plates, copies of the same finger - ..! not the whole leg before the end of the transition board feet, made a turnaround on the board. faster movement legs, quickly rotate the board.
time jumping and marketing community to stay on it, so you can land on it.
try to land on the ship montażówek feet as close as possible.
try again, and again and again and again, etc..

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