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How to lose weight faster

How to lose weight faster Everyone of us wants to lose weight as quickly as possible

... Everyone of us wants to lose weight as quickly as possible, but its not that simple results usually have to wait a long time, which can be very frustrating brutal truth is that the more weight we lose, the more our body is fights with us and seek to maintain this state of things that used to be managed. It is, however, a way to get instant results. the healthiest lose about a pound to a pound a week.
U Drink green tea three times a day. / u The study showed that green tea contains polyphenols, which speeds up metabolism.
u diversifies their training. / u Every Day March for the same time and you keep walking at a constant intensity level? Your body is already bored with these exercises. You must be a bit of spice. end of march for five minutes and replace it with a minute of running. every five minutes uniform riding a bicycle, and pedal speed up the minute it was agreed. If swimming, increase the tempo after each pool length. to burn more calories.
u panic. / u probably do not know, but people who, agency Clink fingers on the table and waving legs of the nerves to lose about 500 calories a day
u wear a rubber ball and squeeze in during the day / u This is one of the!. are several exercises you can perform almost any time. will develop this way of hand muscles and muscles, either in arms or legs, burn lots of calories.
in There is no hunger. / u Giving up too many dishes not accelerate fat burning. only got a yo-yo. Eat at regular intervals. gradually reduced portions of food, do not forget the valuable products. eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cereals, yogurt. always keep breakfast in mind. Drink lots of water.
u practice outside. / u This can fresh air, sunshine, and perhaps, but certainly something that makes exercising outdoors is much more comfortable and our capabilities are much greater than in gym.
u eat spicy. / u Some studies show that speed up metabolism of hot spices. Manufacturers offer various kinds of peppers, which can by their dietary preferences of the season. Season and fried eggs, add some chili sauce for spaghetti or vegetables.
u eat five small posiłkóww During the day, instead of three large ones. / u It seems you sure that you should eat rarely, if one wants to lose weight, but this is not true as to the end. eat every few PM keeps the metabolism of small parts at a constant level, which helps in the fight against calories.
u drink coffee. / u Studies show that caffeine increases the rate at which your body burns calories. Cappucino or frappe is not counted. decent drink , strong, black coffee and sweetened.
u Do not be discouraged. / u Maybe at first you do not see rezultatówi find that the tire is that it makes no sense. But do not give up. Results will be visible only after some time. It all depends on how your body reacts to such changes.
seafront marching reasonable. / u burns more calories at the same time adding a different element.
wheel comes full-handed. will burn for five to ten percent more calories.
Wear a belt or vest during vibration training. It will start to work the muscles.
Select marched through grass or sand paths, instead of asphalt or ankle . you will burn more calories. In addition, it is healthier for your feet.
Enjoy Nordic poles. This increase in March thanks to work more body parts.
/ ul

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