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How to make tires for bicycles

How to make tires for bicycles Cycling in winter can be as difficult as driving a car on summer tires

Cycling in winter can be as difficult as driving a car on summer tires is not hard to go wrong and a dangerous drop in if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, you have to put winter tires for the bike as it turns out ... Its not so easy because I simply I can not buy them anywhere in luck, you can do yourself -. to winter tires for your bike is not difficult or time Below you will find instructions on how to make excellent winter tires for your bike

.. Decide how to organize screws in the tires. you can tighten the screws in the middle of the tire over the side, or so as shown in the picture above, one side, and besides, as in the middle of the piece.
drill holes where you want to put the screws Drill from the outside to the inside to make sure that you hit the right spot tread -. bolts should be placed on blocks -.
screw bolt whole hand should go smoothly
.. br Use the key to tighten the screws. They should exhibit good adhesion to rubber.
Repeat 2-4 until you put the screws in the whole tire.
Some screws come out the other side of the tire.
If screws protrude Grind Grinder and use the front end of the apartment.
Ensure tire from the inside with tape to protect the tube hole. Set on the edge of the tire wheel and go. be prepared for the tires are suitable for driving on fresh, powdery snow, compacted snow or ice.

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