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How to do basic Pilates exercises CZ IV .. The legs and abdomen

How to do basic Pilates exercises CZ

Second part of the Pilates exercises, this time a series of strengthening the leg muscles bacon In addition, exercise can help you train to maintain correct posture while lying on his side of the other exercises in this series can be found on my. Profile, or click their name in the list below.
first heating
2 Strengthening the abdominal muscles
3 strengthen muscles of the spine
4 Strengthening bacon
5 ... to strengthen the shoulder and back muscles
6 to strengthen the hips
7th Strengthen your entire body - the hostess. ending exercise
u first exercise / u
Lie on your left. substrate left arm under your head, lean right flat on the ground in the neck. legs should lie in ourselves, each other.
Raise your right leg at the level of the right shoulder.
left foot to right. hold for 2-3 seconds.

After that time, place left foot on the floor, and after you join the second right. Wait 5 seconds and then repeat the exercise. Perform two sets of ten reps. Then change the page.
u to make other / u
lying on the floor in a position to take advantage of pre-bend the knees slightly. Then lift your right leg up around my shoulders and straighten it.
point moving slow foot forward, hold it for 2-3 seconds.

After this time, slowly return the leg to the previous position, then push it back as far as possible. hold for 2-3 seconds and then return to the central leg and place it on the left leg. Wait 2-3 seconds and repeat . Do ten repetitions in the DWO, CH series, then change the page.

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