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How to lose weight while dancing

How to lose weight while dancing Dancing is not only a pleasure to dance at home or in the disco friends, but also a great way to lose excess weight

Dancing is not only a pleasure to dance at home or in the disco friends, but also a great way to lose excess weight if you exercise, you can do it with your favorite dance loses occupying unnecessary calories Follow our suggestions for the use of dance to lose a lot of weight.
Take a diagnosis in order to learn as many different kinds of dances and pick one that suits you best. Take here also take into account the type of music, your way.
Learn more about the advantages can make the selected type of dance. course , more energy, such as salsa and hip hop will force you to greater effort, and thus burn more calories with it. slower option, or a social dance or jazz also cause burning calories, but in a different way. Ballet is also a good choice because then you increase the flexibility of the body.
look at the DVD or the school dance, where you can see exactly what data and movements are performed with different types of dance. Can you manage to save the test and see which class suits you best dance suits. Enable dance lessons in your weekly schedule of exercises. be taken into account at least once a week. You can also choose to dance as the only form of exercise, then the best part in dance lessons 3-4 times a week for at least 20 minutes a day.
can train different types of dance. Depending on your condition and adjust the level of muscle groups. dancer different types of dance, engage different muscle groups.
Combining dance and other exercise, you lose more weight. muscles used for dancing, but not in the same way as exercise of free weights. Take into account when deciding to lose extra pounds to spend at least one day a week in the gym and dance
u calories / u
aerobic dance -. for example, classes in the fitness club - 7 kcal / min - 420 kcal / h -.
Quick Dances - at the disco, folk dances -, Irish dancing, polka, country 5 kcal / min - 300 kcal / h -.
dance dances, free of charge - for example , waltz, foxtrot -, samba, tango, mambo, chacha - 3 kcal / min - 120 kcal / h -.

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