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How to prevent muscle cramps

How to prevent muscle cramps muscle spasms abruptly can be very painful

sudden muscle spasms can be very painful Chickens usually occurs in calves, sometimes in the leg or arm muscle cramps occur at night disturb our sleep and those that attack while swimming .. could be dangerous for our lives.
u causes muscle contractions / u include lactic acid after exercise, nerve damage arising as a result of the same movement, the awkward position of sitting or lying down, or abnormal circulation of blood.
u Diet for Muscle spasms / u
to prevent muscle cramps frequently eat large amounts of green vegetables such as parsley or watercress, fresh fruit, cereals, dairy products. This muscle deliver relevant components for their proper functioning, such as magnesium, iron , calcium, potassium and zinc. Try to drink as much water.
ways seafront Exercise B / u
If you play sport, which involves repeating the same movements, like running or swimming, try to done every half-hour five-minute break, during which alternately tense and relax muscles.
u before exercise / u
before performing stretching exercises and a short warm-up.
seafront muscle cramps at night / u
Before you lie down to sleep take a hot bath and make sure that when you sleep, it was warm.
u SO, LNA and muscle spasms
/ u
eat the right amount salt. deficiency or excess salt can cause a muscle narrows.
Plants seafront / u
Before you lie down to sleep drink a mixture of Viburnum reef, chamomile or verbena trees.

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