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How to do the elliptical machine

How to do the elliptical machine more and more to lose weight, looking for newer and newer equipment in the gym

lose excess weight, looking for newer and newer equipment in the gym cross trainer is the perfect solution It is a small, easy to use and helps us to relatively quickly to form our body posture and lose weight if you do not know. .. as far as exercise, read the instructions below.
Choose the right equipment. buy a cross trainer you expect to spend more than $ 800. Do not buy cheap equipment, however, require the company, there to serve you for a good few years.
Try to choose a cross trainer exercise program. This is especially important for beginners people, it is particularly useful when the control pulse. Sometimes they want to burn fat exceeds the recommended heart rate, and thus replace the tissue instead of burning .. Her muscles
elliptical machine during exercise, the need to measure heart rate best exercise is interval 70 to 80% of your maximum heart rate - HR -. in this range is the most burning calories from fat, improves the functioning of the circulatory system and organs. Above this range of fat is burned slower. Do not, therefore, to perform all the exercises and finishing with a moderate dose.
Do not forget to keep an appropriate image. Standing on the elliptical machine back straight, slowly raise your head pull your abdominal muscles., put your feet flat on the pedals put your hands handles the entire
training on the elliptical machine consists of three main phases: warm and cool .. exercise proper
Warming is a very important element of Thanks. It improves blood circulation. stretching muscles before exercise to prevent any injuries, accidents and cramps. Before entering into a cross trainer, do some stretching exercises, work on the muscles of the thighs, abdomen and arms. During heating the elliptical machine to be studied with minimal resistance. All warm-up it takes about 10 minutes.
During exercise, greatly increase their exercise. Set the resistance so that the entire exercise to maintain a constant speed. This phase should last about 10-15 minutes. If you get tired of the earlier, slow down and do not strain your body. If you exercise regularly, every week you can add a few minutes. Remember to always check your pulse.
During the last phase is slowly trying to restore peace in our hearts and let the muscles gradually recover. Take it for about 5 minutes, slowing the pace more and more exercise. practice with minimal or no load.
If you want a quick and visible effects, train at least three times a week. Remember, practicing, elliptical machine, working on the muscles throughout the body.

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