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How to learn to skate

How to learn to skate on the ice is great exercise and really easy to learn

... skating is great exercise and really easy to learn Here are some tips on how to learn to skate
Visit the ice rink in your town and skate rentals If you plan more likely to consider buying skates ride. Be sure to tightly bind the skates. foot at the ankle should be immobilized.
Come on ice very carefully and slowly. First learn to balance. try to push the inside of the leg along the harbor on the other foot, bend the knees slightly and supply the legs, keeping both skates straight. If you managed to pass a piece of repeat rejection of the second leg, and so on alternately.
not tilt or front and back, look ahead. basic movement is the refusal of the rink first, then the other leg.
At first, you need lots of space or keep band, but do not use while driving has no chairs or other similar devices. holding something can only hinder you learn. If not rely on everything you learn to stay upright and proper driving techniques.
stop when you want to do this using T-stop. Place one foot back placing it horizontally in the direction of travel, and press firmly on the ice. Your feet should be placed in inverted letter T.

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