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How to do it on your forearms

How to do the forearm forearm muscles are very small muscle groups in relation to others, for example

forearm muscles are very small muscle groups in relation to others, such as the back or chest while the muscles are not a large volume is behind this are numerous ponds .. Between the wrist and the elbow joint on one side is total of nineteen muscles. This large muscle groups is divided into three parts. front, or palm. called the dorsal posterior part, and the third, which is called the side. These muscles get tired faster than other muscle groups. These are the muscles, and whose main task is to move your fingers or the performance of hand movements. These are movements that performed the most complex human body. Lots of people who practice sport amateur forgotten muscle groups and it is very important that they be kept in good shape. These muscles contract hands in which to keep, for example, ski pole, tennis racket or ball. Working Party on the muscle should focus primarily on the development of adequate strength and thickness of the forearm at the end of the beautiful sculptures. Suitable carving highlight the different muscles that will improve the overall appearance of the hand. forearm exercise are not technically complicated, but like other exercises require adequate concentration and attention to proper technique. Exercises the forearm can be divided into those that can be done at home and those who work in the gym.
seafront exercises at home / u
Prepare rubber balls - pretty hard - .. is in your hand like a tennis ball exercise is crushing the ball in hand, at the beginning of practice to be about one minute, then you can practice your overall muscle fatigue instead of balls you can use special Scissors -. otherwise ściskacz - ... designed for this exercise can be purchased at sporting goods store, or on the Internet
u Silow Practices / u curls
nadgarstkóww sit exercise develops inner forearm muscle group, which is essential for muscle development, mainly used for making crush force the hand palm. grab bar to sit undercling, hand span of approximately 15 cm. expanding treatment can cause strain on your joints. rely on the forearm, thigh, so that our knees sticking out of the hands only . flexion and extension movement of the wrist. We try to work with only the hands and range of motion was increased and by the end we may descend to a lower position to the end of the rod Palco, and again squeezed his hand and bend your wrist upward. barbell can sztangielką down or reduce the lift rod.
wrist curls nachwytem to sit. whole exercise is similar to the preceding. Griffin, however, retain nachwytem, ​​we leave it to the bottom as permitted in the joint range of motion. Then well pick back up manually.

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