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How to deal hockey player

How to deal hockey Field hockey is not popular in Poland, the sport is a pity, because in some regions

not popular in Poland, the sport is a pity, because in some regions - for example in Poznan and the surrounding area and in Silesia - a fairly long tradition Additionally, our team at this. Discipline ranks high on the international scene, and now vice president of people in the world, just behind Germany.
power in sports you can try both girls and boys. Even the youngest children can be proved, because one of the towns of special classes for children from three years: how It should look like a real hockey equipment
team is wearing the same shirt, usually made of lightweight, breathable material Boys take over shortly. shorts. and short skirts special girls who have made a tight-fitting shorts underneath
Each player is also equipped with high socks - or socks -
hockey shoes are made of special breathable fabric and are equipped with little hats on their feet in order to run an artificial grass
costumes like in football related to the color of the uniforms players
Hockey is a game very sharp, hard and long sticks the ball hard, they can do harm inadvertently why every hockey player should be adequately protected.
hand protector, or mitts mostly outside covered with a thick layer foam to protect hands when the ball hits glove. It is assumed that only one hand - right, because it is close to the ground, a player has a position on defense
gutters, or Shin They are the true shape of the gutter, slightly contoured in the shape of your feet ... put them under leggings, and their job is mainly to protect against accidental impacts with a stick
guard - .. something similar to those used by boxers protectors are made of special materials after soaked in boiling water for each player adjusts his jaw
masks on their faces -. not used the entire game, but only when you do a short corner - .. part of the game, where players are more likely to hit the ball in the face
Stick, stick - is an extension of the arms and proud of every hockey player he takes him down to the player and his style of play centers have different curvatures and stronger or softer material
, depending on the game ... on the grass or on the floor, sticks differ in thickness - the thinner
Productions staff is very important, but, unfortunately, the most expensive starting price of 100 zl, but the stick can cost more than 1000 zl
completely different ... and represents a apparels goalie stick. defensive players properly armored from top to bottom, including a helmet with a protective grill, and his rod was bent in particular.

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